Ping-Link (Lexicon)

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Ping-Link (Lexicon)
Date of Cutscene: 23 December 2017
Location: The System
Synopsis: Conati, candidate DCC of Vector, reaches out to her fellow candidate Cantio about a strange issue with Drive resources.
Cast of Characters: Lexicon

Ping... Ping... Ping... <<< LINK >>>

"Ah, hello! Conati? I wasn't expecting a call from you today."

"It's been a while. I'd like to catch up later. Right now I just had a quick question."

"What is it?"

"I was checking some logs for my sister and found something weird. It looks like Vector's Resource intake from the Hub has been taking some dips."

"Vector is losing resources? Do you have any idea what's causing it?"

"Struo thinks there may be some damaged lines on the outskirts-- some kind of power leak, maybe. She's already checking the areas we repaired after the fracas last year. But I was wondering... Is Cadenza having any resource issues?"

"Oh, sure, I don't think Saltavi will be mad if I share that. Let me find it... ...Huh?"

"Let me guess. Progressively larger dips at regular intervals, every 5 kilocycles?"

"This is weird. This is very weird. I need to tell Saltavi right away."

"I'm going to keep looking into it. Maybe ask Alea about it next time she tries to kidnap you."

"It's not kidnapping!"

"Heh--! But seriously. Let's work together on this. I'll send you all the info I've got, give me yours too and keep me updated. I'll do the same."


-- -- --

tT > so

tT > what do you think

tT > pretty sweet right

sB > This is kind of incredible.

sB > I want to keep going. I'll see this through for sS.