Poison (Fake Avenger)

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Poison (Fake Avenger)
Date of Cutscene: 28 January 2015
Location: Inside The Holy Grail
Synopsis: Foreshadowing and conversation from the three figures of the Grail.
Cast of Characters: 662


It spread out in all directions. No, that is inaccurate. It is rather that it "was" all directions - that in this "place" outside existence, all things are "nothing". Since "direction", since "distance," since "time" are all "things", in this Nothing, none of those could possibly exist. This Nothing was a Nothing that swallowed all things distinct from itself and devoured them. Here, it was all.

There were only two things distinct from "Nothing" here.

One of them was a naked man in a gold necklace. Covered in red tattoos, he sat upon the nothing, his arms crossed. In his hand was an ancient jug. Despite his nakedness, he wore the mien of 'King', with an air of imperiousness and a regal bearing that defied all logic, all reason. It could be said that, wearing that mien of 'King', his rulership was such that even the Nothingness that swallowed all things could acknowledge his right to exist.

The other was a naked swordsman with long purple hair, with a sword like solid moonlight slung across his back. Except for the red markings on either arm, he had no tattoos, no scars, no symbols of any sort. In his hand was a small bowl. In contrast to the man who was 'King', who sat with an air of arrogance and power that forced the Nothingness to obey, the swordsman wore the mien of 'No One'. Humble and passive, he was so insignificant to the world around him that it sometimes forgot his presence. It could be said that his humility was such that even the Nothingness that swallowed all things forgot that he had no right to exist.

The third figure was the Nothingness. It had no shape, no face, but it was distinct from the 'King' and 'No One', so it had taken the form of a figure without gender. It had nothing. It wore nothing. It was 'Nothing', and all things that were not it could not exist, except for the King and No One.

The three sit in silence, for there can be no noise within Nothing, as no air comes to ferry the words, and no sound emerges to send the messages on their way. Nonetheless, they speak. They are old, older than old, and well are they used to reading each other's bearings. At first, it was difficult, but as timelessness - as nothingness - wore on, they became adept at it. At first, the 'King' refused to even speak to 'No One'. Such a lowly figure meant nothing to the 'King'!

Now they sat, a triangle of figures amidst the void. The 'King' pours from the jug into the bowl for 'No One'. 'No One' bows his head in thanks, and offers the same smile he has carried for an untold age. The 'King' scoffs and waves his hand, as if to say that such a favor costs nothing, and that he deserves no thanks for something so insignificant. 'No One' shrugs and sips from the bowl politely as the 'King' swigs from his jug, letting it spill down his face with delight.

'Nothing' does not drink.

'No One's mouth forms the word 'Saber'. The 'King's eyebrow rises, and he leans forward, his eagerness sketching the question his words could not make. 'No One' nods distantly over his bowl. The 'King' puts his hand against his head and laughs, his body shaking with silent mirth.

'Nothing' does not laugh.

The 'King' assaults him with questions. His hands and eyes ask what he cannot. How is she? Where is she? Will 'No One' see her again soon? When will 'No One' go to face her? 'No One' shrugs, purple hair rolling down his shoulders. All things would be as they must be, in time.

We are not in time, the motion of the 'King's shoulders say as he leans forward. We are out of it, and that means we do not need to wait. I want you to see her, his eyes beg of 'No One'. I want you to tell me about her. 'No One' shrugs once more, looking away from the 'King'. All in due time, when I am part of it again.

'Nothing' does not shrug.

'No One' stands. He looks away from his feet. The 'King' knows what it means. He slumps forward; if air could have left his lungs, it would have, but no air existed, so he could not truly sigh. He looks up at 'No One'.

You're going, then?

'No One' nods. He holds up his hand. He does not want to stay long, says the motion, but the 'King' stops him and stands as well. There is a look of curiosity on his face.

There is no look on 'Nothing's face.

The 'King' reaches for 'No One's left hand. They touch, and the 'King' turns the hand over. There, on the very edge, is something...new. Something black and sickly, something that is not 'Nothing', the 'King', or 'No One'. A parasite? A disease? Who can say?

'No One' looks at the 'King'. The 'King' frowns.

Both turn to look at 'Nothing'.

'Nothing' stares back at them. It is alright. This, too, is part of the plan. It will not affect the 'Holy Grail'. It will not affect 'Nothing'. 'Nothing' cannot be changed. But…

A wicked grin spreads from 'Nothing'.

Perhaps something new will come about from this poison,


Kojirou Sasaki sits up. He is naked, covered in black scars that writhe and tremble separate from his skin. Monohoshi Zao is slung across his back, and his stolen skull-tipped cane, Banda, sits at his side. Above him, the cloudless sky of the Land of Steel, the shining silver eye of the Moon, and the countless gemstones of starlight against the velvet night. Around him, darkness without measure, physical darkness that sloped through the ruins of the city like the predators they were.

On his left hand, nothing but his stolen Magic Crest. Nothing at all.

Something new. Kojirou shakes his head and stands. First, he would find Caster and get another Shroud. Then…

As ever, Kojirou Sasaki would wander.

So-thinking, the swordsman walks into Hell, sword at his back, cane at his side, his footsteps dogged by the laughter of 'Nothing'.