Preparations (Elliana Fairchild)

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Preparations (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 22 January 2014
Location: Elliana's Dreams
Synopsis: Elliana discusses her plans for her world with Wrathborn, and her plans for her newly-created servant, Charity.
Cast of Characters: 92
Tinyplot: New Blood

Settling into her chair, Elliana mutes her radio and sighs. So much to do... but it's all coming together. A faint smile touches her lips, even with the niggling worry in the back of her mind, and she casually folds her hands in her lap and closes her eyes.

Sleep comes almost immediately; one of the benefits of her power. As she expected, the serpentine form that wafts by her cheek and shoulder twirls about and solidifies, taking on a striking, dark-haired man that is fortunately unique this time... if somewhat generic. Wrathborn is not the most creative of beings. He has, however, learned curiosity... as Elliana had counted on. That's why she smiles thinly, "I thought you might come."

"You have been busy," the man admits grudgingly. "I suppose you will want my aid with the worms? Or will you be forcing me with your new toy?" His voice sounds only partly bitter, the creature poor at hiding his emotions when not behind Elliana's own mask.

"You can pretend to be displeased all you like," the former priestess chides, "Yet I know that you are wondering if I can pull it off. The proper bribes and misinformation have been placed. It is time to get the plan underway."

At that statement, Wrathborn's face tightens, growing more grave than before. "You still intend to go through with this plan? Freeing my sibling will be... very dangerous. In your current form, with me inside you, it will likely try to destroy us both. Instinct, as you call it."

"It is a risk I am willing to take," Elliana replies smoothly. "The status quo is not working. It is time for a new order, and I believe this will be a good first step."

The Shajem shakes his head slowly, "I think that you will find that will happen regardless. You play a dangerous game with my siblings, Fairchild. Though I must admit a certain... appreciation for your audacity."

Flippantly, the blonde flicks her hair back with a light smile, "I am nothing if not audacious, yes. And you? Are you more satisfied with your role?"

A pause, and then the being tsks, "Having the capability to create an army such as the one that defeated us before... I think that it may be in my best interest to tolerate you, yes."

Elliana's slender finger does a playful caress with the back of one knuckle under the Shajem's chin, tilting it to look her in the eyes. "Tolerate? Mmm, I suppose that will do for now. Do not be getting any ideas. You botched things trying to run them yourself... an operation this delicate, you should leave to me. Leave your 'sibling' to me."

Reluctantly, as the dream fades, the reply floats out: "Yes... Mistress."