Progression (Mako Mankanshoku)

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Progression (Mako Mankanshoku)
Date of Cutscene: 30 April 2014
Location: Honnouji Academy
Synopsis: The Fight Club's reputation skyrockets due to Mako's resolve and dedication. I'll protect their happiness...!
Cast of Characters: 140, 191

April 30, early morning

Lit by only the light of her desk lamp, Mako works swiftly at the desk she's set up in the condo room she shares with her best friend, Ryuko Matoi. Careful not to wake the other girl, Mako focuses intensely on the papers and forms in front of her. The majority are already completed, stacked neatly by her left elbow. Calculating expenses for repairs from the Field Day event, her fingers dance rapidly over a calculator she'd purchased recently just for this reason.

After a few minutes, she stops. A final mark is made, the form packet closed, and the girl stretches with a satisfied noise. With a tap on her cellphone, a video is sent, and then she turns off her desk lamp.

April 30, morning

"What right do you have to be here, underclassman?" Ira Gamagoori demands, eyes fixated on the brown-haired, business-suited young woman in the front row amidst the club presidents.

"I have every right to be here," Mako replies, adjusting her glasses, "The Fight Club is the best part of Honnouji Academy. See for yourself how successful my club has become." Without hesitation, she hauls out her briefcase and snaps it open, offering a packet of forms to the statuesque Disciplinary Chairman.

All she gets in response is a tense grunt of acknowledgement when he accepts the papers and starts examining them, though she waits patiently until he finishes, her hands folded primly. She only reacts when addressed, straightening herself as Gamagoori speaks, "And?"

"Given the evidence," Mako states without hesitation, "I feel an upgrade in living conditions for the Mankanshoku family is in order. You've seen for yourself, my club more than qualifies."

Ira Gamagoori's eyebrow twitches. Mako lowers her face, light flashing off the lenses of her glasses and obscuring her eyes.

I'll do whatever I can to protect that twinkle of happiness in everyone's eyes...!