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'Tis the Season (Dorian Pavus) +All this Christmas nonsense has Dorian feeling sentimental enough to do something stupid.  +
'Tis the Season to be Candied (Toph Beifong) +Toph and Tony go trick or treating together, and both are rather happy with their costumes.  +


(Do Fear) The Reaper (Sir Gawain) +A Servant and his Master are eliminated from the Grail War.  +


1000 Arrows (Kotone) +Kotone keeps at it with an assignment given to her by Kaga, to improve her aim with a bow. It's a steep order but Kotone, thinks she figures out just what Kaga's getting at with it.  +
1000/The Legend of the Black Fox +After receiving a message from Oinari, the Union travels to Azuma to investigate the former palace of Kagenashi and learn some of her past.  +
1003/Odin In Mirkwood +Odin decides to pay a visit to Mirkwood and others are trying to convince him to take his leave. It goes about as well has one would expect when dealing the Elder Primal...  +
1004/Icing on the Cake +Roxas and Xion discuss things, and are joined by Aqua after a while.  +
1006/Finna Fishes For Philosophical Conversation +At the pier, Finna gets into some marine mischief until her antics are intercepted by Ineryon Valos, who has some things to say about the stunt.  +
1007/Station Under Siege +Eliot Ness's station comes under attack by an army of criminals seeking to end his operations in Chicago permanently.  +
1008/Into The Mountains +The Confederacy is brought along for an expedition into an old Allagan Ruin located high into the Ala Mhigo mountainside. None know what to expect and what they find on the first level, is just the beginning...  +
1009/Perfection in Immortal Crystal +Priscilla and her phantom co. face off against Duke Seath.  +
1011/CatP - Reverberance +You may through forbidding province tread, but by dreamer's hands be softly lead.  +
1012/Project Sunray +So begins Project Sunray, XCOM's first foray into energy weapon design. The group have working energy projectors, but they're unsuitable for field work due to heat dissipation issues, maybe the Multiverse can provide assistance.  +
1013/Apocryphal Entrails +TRANSMIT - initiate New England signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Caledfwlch frequency - THE WEATHER STARTED GETTING ROUGH, THE TINY SHIP WAS TOSSED - initiate echinoderm syntax - WITNESS - Lady Margaret.  +
1015/Exalted Legwork +Bitter Medicine seeks out the enigmatic Scion, searching for answers.  +
1016/Bookmage +Oberyn's first test out on the mean streets of Detroit!  +
1018/Maelstrom: Abbadon +After Reaper's recovery, Sir Gawain, Riva Banari, Maya, Shirou Emiya, and Psyber interrogate him about what he knows of the Grail War, and about who he is.  +
102/Between the Shadows +While the Rogue Shadow drifts between the stars, its crew have a civil discussion. Sort of.  +
1022/Little Student Lost +After happening upon the multiverse and finding himself hopelessly lost, Quentyn Whitewind is rescued by an unlikely figure. Lucatiel of Mirrah is hardly a knight in shining armour...  +
1023/There's a storm in Tomoeda! It's a big one! Can Sakura and her friends deal with it +There's a storm in Tomoeda! It's a big one! Can Sakura and her friends deal with it?!  +
1025/This Wardrobe Is a Menace! +Thranduil learns that some fashion choices are very, very bad for fighting zombies. Thankfully Haru is there to run interference.  +
1026/Birds and Bees 101 +Tony is a responsible parent and decides to make sure that his teenage daughter has her facts straight when Toph seems to think that she will have siblings sooner or later. Warning: Contains frank discussion of sex ed related topics. And squirmy childish reactions to same. (Mostly by Tony)  +
1028/Nautical Towers - Introduction of Kongou and Ko +Introduction of the English-born returnee, Kongou, and the mysterious Ko-class Abyssal Fast Battleship.  +
1029/SGRUB: Return to Worst Land +Description pending. (Sgrub TP)  +
1030/A Stoic In The Mud +Taro and Ineryon's paths cross once again, this time on a muddy riverbank and under threat of a flash flood.  +
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