Punishment and Pondering (Nagato)

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Punishment and Pondering (Nagato)
Date of Cutscene: 23 March 2016
Location: Hikari Seaport
Synopsis: After getting Mistral's skill going, Nagato hears about a punishment... and to plan visiting Mistral in the real world.
Cast of Characters: Nagato

"Akebono was punished? Make a report and put it on my desk first thing, Musashi." comes the familiar stoicism of the Admiral. "How far did you take it?"

"I nearly sunk her. She should be less... combative now." comes Musashi's voice. "I will provide all the information in my report."

"Dismissed." with Musashi heading out, Nagato sighs. "First William bringing an Abyssal back to life, Akebono being a shitty destroyer, and my next operation coming up soon." a fist is slammed down on the desk. "And with the Wo-class stating that Destroyer Princess was not hers. A new faction of Abyssal.. or is she not telling me the truth."

A look is given to the Amusphere. "And Mistral... I have seen that look... That desperate...questioning look. Low morale."

"Maybe you should have a talk with her in the real world, Tana." Mutsu's cheerful voice breaking the stoicism of the office, "She has helped you before, has she not?"

Nagato leans up against her sister, "Do you think so, Mutsu? Do you think she will respond to it outside of ALO?"

Only a nod is given as Mutsu runs her fingers through Nagato's hair. "I think that will be perfect for her, and you have not seen her physiclly, have you?"

Nagato shakes her head, "Perhaps you are right, sister. I will reach out to her." a pause "Mamiya's will be open soon."

"Have fun." "Its business..."