Questions (Kiyoko Saito)

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Questions (Kiyoko Saito)
Date of Cutscene: 02 June 2014
Location: Saito Residence
Synopsis: Filling out a questionnaire, Kiyoko displays uncharacteristic impatience with her pet and Device.
Cast of Characters: 131
Tinyplot: None

"Look, as long as you stay on your side of the room, everything will be fine. I'm watching you." "THE RODENT SUSPECTS AN IMMOBILE OBJECT."

- QUESTION 4: Do you find yourself performing more extracurricular activities in an attempt to be out of the house more often?

A pencil taps on the book that the questionnaire lay upon, but Kiyoko was still reading. She'd read this question four times and was no closer to an answer, hearing the bickering between Emeralda and Transcendent Star's ignition key as a vague background noise. Something else had her attention.. . the open and shut of a door in the hallway, and the start of a car out front.

"Don't get lippy with me, you overgrown toy." "IT ALSO POINTS OUT IT HAS NO LIPS."

Kiyoko's eyes dropped to the next question.

- QUESTION 5: Do you find it more difficult to relate to those your own age?

"See? See? Kiyoko, did you hear that? It's doing this to annoy me!" "THE RODENT HAS A VIVID IMAGINATION."

Tossing the book and paper aside, Kiyoko just muttered, "Shut up you two." Both voices stopped as if staring, but the dark-haired girl didn't stop. In a few moments she had her helmet under one arm and was climbing out the window, as she was wont to do. "I won't be back until after dinner, don't wait up for me."

The chinchilla that had been arguing scurried to the window, but too late. Already the throaty roar of the demon-possessed motorcycle was screaming in lust for the road, enthused about finally being let out again. Emeralda could only watch as her ward drove off again to whatever training she'd settled on today. Silent for a few moments, the immaculate little furred pet cleared her throat.

"I... don't suppose you know a way we can go after her and apologize?" "IT SUPPOSES YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PILOT A WARSTRIDER."