Reactions (Yuna Kagurazaka)

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Reactions (Yuna Kagurazaka)
Date of Cutscene: 24 December 2015
Location: Fraulein Earth
Synopsis: After finding out that she's on HK-47's list of targets, Yuna has to wrestle with what that, plus other factors, mean for her career going forward ...
Cast of Characters: 385

Yuna's manager, Mr. Ishikawa, blinks a few times, peering at the blonde idol singer. "I'm sorry, Yuna, would you mind saying that one more time ... ? I can't possibly have heard you correctly."

Yuna's jaw clenches briefly; it's the only movement she can make with a seamstress making sure the dress fits her just right. It's only one of the dresses she'll be wearing for that night's concert, but Yuna still wants to look her best in whatever she's wearing. "The Union discovered last night that I'm an assassination target for a Confederate-allied droid," she repeats, almost exactly as she said it the first time. "I want to go ahead with tonight's concert; the risk should be minimal during the truce between the two superfactions."

Ishikawa closes his eyes for a half-second before looking at Yuna once more. "Why am I only now finding out that one of my star idols is in danger?"

"We didn't know before," answers Yuna. "I mean ... you know I'm the Savior of Light, I haven't been keeping my identity that big of a secret -"

"Most idol singers don't break out a personal giant robot for _Super Iron Chef_, after all," Ishikawa interjects with a smile.

"- but ..." Yuna trails off with a sigh, then winces and stands up straighter as a needle briefly pokes her through the cloth. "Mr. Ishikawa, please don't tell me *you* want to cancel -"

"*Want* to cancel? Of course I don't want to!" Yuna's manager protests. "But I don't want you to get killed either, especially not on-stage in the middle of a live concert - the biggest concert of the year, for you and for many of your fans. And never mind what would happen if any of the audience got hurt when someone was after you; forget about the scandal that would erupt, *you* would never forgive yourself for letting such a thing happen. Am I right?"

Yuna grimaces, nodding.

"All done," the seamstress interrupts quietly. "How's the fit?"

Yuna takes a moment to pose a few ways, making sure the dress stays properly snug without restricting her movements. "Feels all right to me," she answers; her manager promptly turns his back to her, permitting the semblance of privacy to change back out of the stage dress and put on her rehearsal leotard. "You can look now, Mr. Ishikawa."

"So am I right?" Ishikawa repeats as he turns to face Yuna again, averting his gaze for an extra split second before she pulls a T-shirt on over it. "Whether I've 'officially' known about your other job or not, I've been your manager long enough to know what kind of girl you are, and scandals worry you less than people's safety does. It makes my life a little too interesting sometimes."

Yuna smiles ruefully, starting to do some proper warm-up stretches. "You're right," she admits. "But if HK-47 shows up, or any of his minions ..." The smile fades from her face, replaced by a cold, hard resolve; her eyes, normally alight with good cheer, glint like the reflection off a sword's blade for one moment. "If anything happens, no force in the Multiverse will stop me from destroying him completely."

"And that," Ishikawa says quietly, "is the part that worries me." He steps closer, reaching out to squeeze Yuna's shoulder gently in a gesture of reassurance. "You shine brightest when your smile is honest, Yuna - when your heart glows with joy and love, when there's no such thing as an 'enemy' in your world. I'm not asking you to be so innocent that you're an easy target, but ..."

Letting out a sigh, Yuna reaches up to rub her face with both hands, grateful that she's not wearing makeup yet. "You want me to be safe, physically and emotionally, right?"

"There's only so much I can do," her manager admits. "But the schedule you're picking up ... training at this 'Beacon Academy,' you said? We may have to cut back on your workload as an idol in any case - it's not like Shiraokadai Girls' High School, you'll have a major commute to work around for - what is it, college?"

"Pretty much," Yuna admits. "Or at least it seems like it - seventeen's the usual age for enrollment, and I've got a good team around me for Beacon. Then there's my training with Ryudia, although she's stepping that down now that I'll be going to Beacon."

Ishikawa nods, looking away briefly to piece things together. "And you don't want to retire from singing yet."

"Of course not!!"

"We'll see what we can manage," Ishikawa says with a chuckle. "Certainly you've polished your skills as an idol singer; I still want to see if we can get you started as an actress - although that may take a while. The skills could be useful outside of performing, though."

"They might," admits Yuna. "Any last-minute additions to tonight's sets?"

"I think the sets you've been working on are the best we're going to put together. Ready to start rehearsal?" Ishikawa has a feeling that the other conversation isn't over, but they can return to it later. If the concert isn't being cancelled, then there's only so much time for Yuna to rehearse before she has to stop for make-up and wardrobe.

Yuna's smile is as bright and warm as ever, seemingly without a care in the world, as she replies, "Ready!"