Recovery and Reprimands (Eryl)

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Recovery and Reprimands (Eryl)
Date of Cutscene: 24 September 2014
Synopsis: Eryl recovers after defending the Factory, and receives a call.
Cast of Characters: Eryl Fairfax

Eryl lay in bed in the medical wing of Njorun after helping to defend the Factory. His laser and plasma burns had been treated, the damaged wires in his foot reconnected by engineers and his internal monitoring systems returning all-clear. Despite that, the medics had asked if he could stay overnight for observation, and he had no real reason to say no. He had no real need to sleep at the moment, so he way just lying awake, trying not to look at the ruined tatters of his suit hanging on the back of a chair. Instead, he loses himself in his memories, sorting through snapshots of places and people he has seen, re-listening to conversations he has had, the songs he has heard. But then, he receives an alert he has not gotten in a while.


ReGenesis was getting in touch. Typically, they had a hands-off approach to him, trusting in his judgement. Closing his eyes, he answers the call.

”Eryl. Our systems indicate that you have been in a serious fight. What happened?” Diana LeFoe, current CEO of ReGenesis. When he left, it had been her grandfather. Her father could not handle the pressure, so the position was passed onto her at a young age. Eryl thankfully, does not have to speak to answer, only think it. It would not do for others in the ward to think him insane.

”Miss LeFoe. Nothing major, I simply assisted the Union in defending a key location,” he thinks, hoping that the thought translation machine on her end was able to capture his soothing tones. “Nothing major? Eryl, you are our Saviour prototype. Do you really think you should be risking yourself so... freely?” Eryl shakes his head. Thankfully, that would not be sent to her. “Honestly Miss LeFoe. Do you have so little faith in me? For most of it, I was against two opponents, and I still came out on top.” Diana does not answer, but Eryl can practically hear her disapproval, so he continues. “I understand that you want me to finish my journey as soon as possible. But, people were being hurt in the Factory, I could not ignore it. I will get back to it as soon as I am released.”

Eryl lays there for a few minutes as Diana thinks. “... very well Eryl. Rest up.” The call ends, and Eryl relaxes. Admittedly, he didn’t expect much. But there is always that underlying concern that she will hijack his implants. When he was young, they tested that function. Seeing his body move independent of his own consciousness... ever since then, he was never at ease in Eden, and every time he received a signal from there, he was worried it was the override.

Logically, he knew he was giving them no cause to-not until now anyway-but there was always that fear, deep down. He slumps in his bed with a little sigh as he picked up his radio. He supposed that was proof he was still human.