Rematriculation (Yuna Kagurazaka)

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Rematriculation (Yuna Kagurazaka)
Date of Cutscene: 14 September 2014
Location: Fraulein Sector: Planet Ruliezes
Synopsis: In the wake of her meeting with Liavelt, Yuna finally makes good on her appointment with Queen Ryudia.
Cast of Characters: 385

It took longer than Yuna had intended for her to straighten out a leave of absence with her manager and with the Union - and even then, she had to be on call in case of an emergency in her sector.

(Not like it's all that likely,) Yuna thought as she sailed through the jungle in Powered Form, Jiina's hover-thrusters propelling her swiftly along the trail that she remembered so well from her previous visit to Ruliezes. At least this time, she doesn't have to worry about other girls lying in wait for her.

Unfriendly ones, that is: as Yuna enters the clearing and comes to a halt, she spots Ryudia gazing up at the ancient structure, but doesn't have time to greet her before Jiina begins separating. "Thanks, Jiina!" Yuna says as the green-and-white android reassembles next to her.

"You can return to the spaceport now," adds Elner. "I'll call if you're needed."

Yuna blinks at the tiny robo-faerie as Jiina takes to the air. "Are you sure? It's a long walk back without her."

Elner's response is forestalled by Ryudia's voice. "You're late, Yuna. You should have been here weeks ago," says the alien queen as she strides towards Yuna and Elner.

Yuna winces, turning to face her friend and predecessor. "I'm sorry it took so long, Ryudia. I told you it'd take a while -"

"And you're making excuses," Ryudia interrupts, shaking her head. "Neither tardiness nor excuses befit a proper young lady. But ... yes, you did warn me you couldn't come immediately. There were things I needed to prepare for as well, so no time was really lost."

Ryudia glances over Yuna, then turns to face Elner as if Yuna isn't even there; when she speaks again, all hint of warmth or friendship is gone from her voice and demeanor, replaced by a formality as cool and heavy as a mountain. "Elner of Wisdom, Emissary of Light, who have you brought to this place?"

"She is the Queen of Light's chosen champion, Yuna Kagurazaka," replies Elner.

A soft chill trickles down Yuna's spine, although she can't be sure where her unease is coming from.

"Is she worthy of being the Savior of Light?" asks Ryudia.

Yuna blinks, that chill slipping deeper. "Wha-?"

She doesn't get more than a syllable out when Ryudia turns to face her, the young queen's expression more stern than Yuna remembers ever seeing it. "Be silent," Queen Ryudia orders her, "until you are bidden or permitted to speak."

Yuna falls silent, less from obedience than from shock - or from something more; she suddenly can't speak, can't even make a sound.

Ryudia turns back towards Elner. "Emissary, your answer?"

Elner looks briefly at Yuna, its expression as unreadable as always, before looking at Ryudia and saying, "I have been asked, and must answer that she is not worthy."

Yuna falls to her knees, her mouth hanging silently open as Elner continues. "She is brash, impulsive, and emotional. Her heart is unbalanced. She places the calls of the moment over longer concerns, and shows no understanding of her true duties."

"Then why was she chosen?" Ryudia asks, slipping the question in despite Elner's seeming readiness to continue the list. Yuna is both mute and paralyzed now, unable to do more than listen to them.

Elner seems to notice this; the robo-faerie's voice softens, if only barely. "The Queen still believes in her ... and for all of Yuna's faults, her potential is great, and her heart shines brightly. If the clouds can be scattered and she can learn what is required, I believe she can be worthy of the title 'Savior of Light'."

Ryudia nods slowly. "I have seen that potential as well. Very well, then - as I once was taught here, so shall I teach her as best I am able. I cannot teach everything that she needs to learn, though ..."

"There are potential teachers for her in the Union, and beyond it," Elner answers. "I'll see who would be suitable. If there's nothing else -"

"There is one thing." Ryudia turns to look down at Yuna. "If you have anything that runs on a battery which can be depleted, entrust that to Elner. The rest will be kept safe for the duration of your training."

Yuna realizes that she's no longer in her Light Suit as she listens to Ryudia's words. "Um ... just my phone, I think." She digs it out, holding it up to Elner. "But why - ?"

"You won't need it while you're here," Ryudia answers as Elner 'takes' the phone, dematerializing it for storage. "It may seem harsh, but your training must be conducted in isolation. It may take some time, as well."

"But -"

Ryudia doesn't let Yuna finish her protest. "Change into this," she says, offering a small bundle of white fabric. "I shall wear similar while we're here. If you need to bathe, there's a spring we'll use for washing. Food has been provided by my people."

Dejected, Yuna takes the bundle and unfolds it, then starts to change. The provided clothing is a plain thigh-length tunic, soft but sturdy; she can't tell what the fabric is. By the time she's done changing, so is Ryudia.

"Yuna. This training may seem harsh while you're undergoing it, but it is necessary. I don't intend to be unnecessarily strict, but you must understand - you cannot be the Savior of Light if this training is beyond you." There's a bare hint of gentleness in Ryudia's eyes as she speaks. "Do you remember the statue of the Swimsuit Queen?"

"Yeah -" Yuna grimaces. "Ah ... yes, I do remember it. It symbolizes beauty, wisdom, and strength ... right?"

"A sword for strength, a book for wisdom, and the crown to represent her beauty,” Ryudia says with a nod. “The Savior of Light must possess those traits, and more besides. Your compassion has long been the root of your strength, but if that withers -"

Ryudia holds up a hand, cutting Yuna off before she can protest. "Yuna. As Elner said, you have great potential in your compassion, and that same compassion is exactly why your heart shines as brightly as it does. You cannot afford to lose that, ever. But as Elner also said, your heart is unbalanced. You must learn that balance; you must be a proper lady. Only such a young lady can be the mortal champion of the Queen of Light."

"But how can I learn to be something I'm not?" asks Yuna. "I know I won that contest -"

"Because you were a proper young lady as the test required. Yes, it was more than just a competition; the Galaxy Fraulein Contest has always served to identify possible Saviors of Light. But regardless of your birth, the traits that guided you to victory in that contest must be part of your life, part of who you truly are. That is what makes a 'lady' ... and that is what I shall do my best to teach you." Ryudia's expression grows stern again, although not without gentleness. "Are you ready?"

Yuna hesitates. "... I'm not sure," she admits. "But I'll try to be."

"Then your training has begun."