Remember Those Walls I Built? (Blake Belladonna)

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Remember Those Walls I Built? (Blake Belladonna)
Date of Cutscene: 10 February 2016
Location: Beacon Academy - Vale, Remnant
Synopsis: Blake Belladonna runs, after trying not too, after a secret is revealed...
Cast of Characters: 917

-- well Yang, they're tumbling down, I didn't even put up a fight-

"*We're* ALL tired of getting pushed around!"

Her own words echo in her head, making it hurt more than it ever did. Blake can feel her Aura getting pushed and strained to deal with the pain, using it as she does as a salve to help her healing, but she was also over-stressing it, dropping Shadow Clones when she realized she may have been getting followed. There was nothing but pain and fear and hurt and anger and everything else throbbing behind her forehead, and Blake stands outside the entrance to Beacon Academy, where she can clearly see the iconic Beacon statue: a male and female huntress on top of a rock, beneath which a Beowolf cowers.

Her chest hurts, and she taps out her scroll, summoning her locker. While she waits for it's arrival - mercifully, perhaps, short, thanks to her proximity to the school - she whispers a series of numbed words to herself; "How am I supposed to be a huntress and kill monsters when I'm just a monster, too?"

The distinct thud of her locker next to her distracts her, and she wheels, pulling Gambol Shroud and the plate from the location, sliding them over her back. With that done, she glances back at the academy, her eyes going for the location of the dorms. She knows where hers is, she knows where Ruby and Weiss probably are, but what about Yang, had Yang heard --

Probably not. Would ... would she even care?

Blake blanches a little. She trusts Yang, how could she be so stupid, how could she be such a terrible teammate, these thoughts run through her head, before she darts off again

She's done this for years, she thinks. Running from the humans. Then she joined the White Fang, and then she ran from them. Then she joined Beacon, and now she's running from them, and is there ever going to be any stop to the pain, to the fear, to the hatred that is between the Faunus and the humans. Blake has forever seen both the good and the bad sides, even within her own team. Ruby, Weiss, Yang, could Blake ever think of returning to them? Probably not...

... whatever would the Schnee think?

As she runs, the tension, the fear, blanks from her mind. Maybe they'll find her. Maybe they'll worry. Maybe they won't. When she finally collapses, a couple of hours later, Blake scrubs the tears that had been streaming down her face from her eyes, whispering nothing but "I'm sorry." For her actions. For what she did for the White Fang, for hurting Yang by running from her, by hiding who she was, but this has who she's always been, this is what she might always be;

a run away and hide; a scaredy cat /*Faunus*/.