Report: Lucrelia (1) (Gudako Ordria)

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Report: Lucrelia (1) (Gudako Ordria)
Date of Cutscene: 27 November 2015
Location: -
Synopsis: Archived report.
Cast of Characters: 908

Text-only archaic Japanese etc etc, written by Caster.

"Last night, a distress signal from an area out in the Tundra attracted by master's attention; miss Sanary Rondel was along for the ride, too! We arrived to find a battlefield not far from a village called Lucrelia, where the local army was engaging a large, strange monster they called an Incarnation."

"This Incarnation, they would go on to explain later, isn't just a god, but rather a shard of God, filled with hatred and anger. It isn't their first time fighting one, but I think if nobody had shown up to help they'd have died to this one."

Descriptions of the following Union Elites follow: Deelel, Yuna Kagurazaka, Riva Banari, Emiya Shirou, Ayako Hasekawa, Cirra Constantine, Misha, Archer, Lyner Barsett.

"Because the Servant in red was arguing with everyone else about how to best resolve this situation with or without regards to the local army, master had me put up a Bounded Field that would prevent leaving the battlefield and which would slowly draw the army towards the monster until it was either killed or broke through. It was the best way not to waste time. Predictably this angered people, but they focused their efforts on killing the monsters instead of us. One of those present," she reiterates the description of Misha, "Used some powerful magic in song form to bind the fragment of God to reality, which seemed to negate its ability to regenerate and avoid damage. It was subsequently killed."

"Master had me drain the monster while it was still alive, and I collected a crystalized fragment of divinity. It seems attuned to the element of fire and has minor regenerative powers. Master says she has a few plans and ideas involving chunks of gods so we'll be keeping it for now, but if someone would like to study it they're welcome to it temporarily!"