Resilience (2 of 2 Rhapsody)

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Resilience (2 of 2 Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 12 October 2016
Location: Dun Realtai / Ravnica
Synopsis: ...and action is taken.
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: 34 - Moeru

All of the notebooks, all of the posters, all of the codes, all of the scrawlings, all of the signs, all of the labs. All of it may as well be tinder to the bonfire that was such a passion in her heart that she would let it all -burn- in spite of the fact it all pointed to. The Izzet's allies hadn't turned on her, Niv-Mizzet wouldn't have turned on her, and there was no way that the creeping doubt that had been seeping into her mind would succeed in turning her. She -would- find out why.

I cannot seem to find the answers Every truth has slipped away All that riddles me will never cease to be Still I search this world in vain

Don't close your eyes Something beautiful is still alive Don't close your eyes Never turn away and let it die

In her true form, Rhapsody departed the castle of Dun Realtai to destinations unknown, but all of them in Ravnica. Council be damned, Magic-Eaters be damned, and Ijiwaru be damned most of all. She would not accept the truth that had been constructed. The reality that was all too convienent for a man with a clear bias.

Cry out to save tomorrow It's not too late Or your heavy heart will follow You to the grave

This is not the end. This is not the end

Don't close your eyes Something beautiful is still alive Don't close your eyes Never turn away and let it die

That which she feared most, she would now take on. What good is a 10,000 year old legacy if it is tarnished by the permanent stain of dishonesty, deception, and unfaithfulness. She had been lying to even herself for far, far too long. In the skies over Ravnica, in every sector, people would set sights upon a white, mostly scaleless dragon, that had nothing left to lose, and in that, she had more freedom then she had since this whole ordeal had started.

We can't hesitate. Hope is not too late. For the time has come. What have we become?

In flying past Nivix and Thirix, passing through the Space between the Spires, her siblings would join her in their similar forms. Soon after, it would be dragonaughts, flying weirds, observerspheres, magewrights, nearly all of the Izzet League working together, via radio, to create a single symbol that no one in Ravnica could miss. She had asked for anyone that still had faith in her, and the hunted, to join her. And through her instruction, and the aid of all still loyal, a massive illusion would bloom between the spires. A massive rose, made of light, would now float between the spires, half red, half blue, and floating like a beacon that would not be ignored. And below it? On a banner that drapped the bridge between the spires sat a single phrase.

Nothing left to do but deny the truth.

Let all of Ravnica turn on them. They had been through it before to save three dragons. They would do it again to believe in one of their own. You could banish a single member, but the city could never banish the entire Izzet League.

( Alterbridge - Cry of Achilles )