Resolve (Mako Mankanshoku)

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Resolve (Mako Mankanshoku)
Date of Cutscene: 13 April 2014
Location: Honnouji Academy
Synopsis: In the middle of the night, Mako makes a promise.
Cast of Characters: 140, 191

"Ne... Ryuko, you still awake?"

Mako's voice sounds out in the darkness of the room the two girls now share. Mako stares up at the ceiling from her place in the top bunk, huddling the blankets up to her chin. When she hears no clear response from below, she closes her eyes with a little sigh.

"...They all have a twinkle in their eye," she murmurs quietly, "This life is almost too good to be true. Ryuko..." Mako's eyes open again, "I'm gonna work really hard and be the best Fight Club President I can be."

She still hears no reply from the bottom bunk, but nods to herself all the same. Taking a deep breath, she lets it out in a happy sigh and closes her eyes for the last time, drifting off to sleep.