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Multiverse Crisis MUSH - Plot Application 3.0 Beta

1. Who is the plot runner?

What character do you plan to run this plot with? Will anybody be Co-Running for you, and if so, who?

Vicky Victim with help from Plotty McPlotter, who will play the villain, Aunt Agonist.

2. Overview

Give us an overview of the plot's events and intended conclusion. Is the plot intended to be heavily improvised, flexible and open ended, structured but flexible, or structured with few points of potential deviancy? How long do you expect or intend for it to take?


Vicky Victim's powers have been getting more use, but her magical abilities have attracted some attention. The demons of her world have learned now that magic has returned, and sent a scout! The scout seats herself in Vicky's mind, stuff happens, and there is the option of possibly weakening the future enemies. This is mostly a Union plot but anyone who wants to help Vicky, Unaffiliated or Confederate, can join in.

This plot is pretty structured in that a few key events will happen, but everything else is up to how the players go about things. It should take anywhere from six weeks to 4-5 months, depending on how much they explore and want to investigate.


Vicky will start acting oddly, because Aunt Agonist has taken up residence in her mind. Aunt is not strong enough to control her, but is very good at hiding, so most exorcism and demonic detection will not work. Aunt can influence Vicky's behavior some, but only a little. This will go on for a few weeks getting worse and worse, until either the PCs notice or it is forced to their attention when Vicky suddenly tries to break for the Confederates. She will not succeed in defecting(won't even reach Confed territory) but it will reveal her problem, in case the other players haven't noticed yet.
The demon will need to be forced out somehow. The players can be clever about this somehow, either by using their own abilities if they're very well-suited and come up with a good way of doing it, or by convincing Aunt to do so on her own.
If they have no suitable powers and can't convince Aunt to come out, they have the option of undergoing a quest to find the exorcist Plot MacGuffin, who can force out the demon. This may take several scenes of exploring Vicky's world and seeing the wonders!
Once forced out they can either talk to Aunt and offer her asylum or defeat her, banishing her back to hell, or maybe even killing her. Aunt is willing to talk if a good offer is made, because she likes hanging out here and her bosses suck. If they talk to her she may be able to prepare them against the future invasion(which is another TP)


If people really like exploring the world, I can offer a few sidequests on the way to finding Plot MacGuffin or maybe just finding a good place to bring out Aunt. This may give them some minor upgrades like magical swords and stuff.
If they take too long Vicky/Aunt may escape and rush to her world, to give them the opportunity for the sidequests, in case they don't need MacGuffin. This could also give clues that Aunt isn't really wanting to report to her superiors.


Aunt really likes popcorn, this is a good way to bribe her.

3. What is the plot's scale?

What is the scale of your plot: Global, Major, or Minor? A minor plot would only seriously impact a very localized area, such as a city. A major plot would have significant repercussions for an entire world, and the main story of most series would be major. A global plot is a plot of such tremendous scope and consequences that it affects the entire MUSH's setting.

Major, for two reasons.

One is that it involves mental influence, so by the rules this could cause issues or arguments, so it is Major for that reason.

Two is because it is the first part of a major invasion of the world. If the second plot weren't happening then the scale on this would be Minor, since it only affects Vicky.

4. Special Requests

Do you have any special requests for the TP? This might include boss modes, extra character bits for temped NPCs, etc. If you want extra character objects, please include at bare minimum a Profile, Advantages, and requested Power Level.

I'll need a TP bit for the final boss! We probably will not use coded combat but in case we do I need this one.

(EDITORS NOTE: This is to demonstrate how to structure an entry. The actual profile and powers must meet normal standards)

Name: Aunt Agonist

Function: The Villain

Series: Sample Theme-2 (OC)

Faction: Unaffiliated

Rank: N/A

Profile: Aunt Agonist is a demonic being that does demony things. She can attempt to possess people, and often does so to learn about the human world. When manifesting she can throw fireballs and laugh maniacally, but she is really kind of shy and not without pity despite being a demon. She's actually grown fond of human comforts.

Power Level: 34


POSSESSION: Can possess people (consent required)

DEMON: Is strong and stuff.

FIREBALLS: Can throw fireballs.


CHESS: Can play chess really good.

5. Plot Tracker

If you want your plot to be listed in our plot tracker, give us a name for the plot, and a spoiler-free summary to put in the plot tracker listing.

Thickening Plot: Vicky's experimentation into magic may have opened a door into some problems. These descriptions are normally a little longer but they don't actually have a minimum length.

6. Miscellaneous

If you have anything to add that doesn't fit anywhere else, put it here.

This plot is the springboard for a future plot, which will have the demons invading Vicky's world. The demons will be pretty typical in nature and in this second plot will not possess any PCs, but will hide in NPC bodies sometimes. This second plot will also give Vicky her final powerup at its completion, pushing her to PL 35, if staff allow this and she is approved for this plot's increase to PL 34.

The second plot's difficulty will vary depending on how the heroes solved this one.

Once you're done filling out this application, put it in the body of an e-mail with a subject of 'TP Application - Global/Major/Minor - Plot Name OR your character's Name', and send it to