Sanctuary (Alice Margatroid)

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Sanctuary (Alice Margatroid)
Date of Cutscene: 09 November 2015
Location: The Realm of Gensokyo
Synopsis: After the defeat in Afterus, Alice returns to a silent home with Shinki... and the plotting finishes.
Cast of Characters: 807
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

Alice's House - Gensokyo.

"Hourai, Shanghai I'm home. Mom is with me too." comes Alice's voice, ragged and rough. "They didn't hold back and I'm in need of rest. Could you put on tea for me and Mother?"

Silence greets the Goddess and her Daughter. "Shanghai? Hourai?" More silence.

"...I told them to watch the house! No matter, they'll come home soon. They can't have gone far.. and if they did, I believe I know where they went... didn't know she would have an affinity for them two." Alice slumps on the couch, a few of the more generic dolls flit around the house, the stove lighting and a kettle is placed on it.

"Wonderland is prepared for them, Mom. If they end up bringing the fight to Gensokyo... we may end up having to retreat back there. Just... try not to raze it." Alice looks to the roof, "This... has been a crazier experience than ten years ago back in Makai. I didn't know the rest of the Multiverse would look down on wanting to put travel agencies up and expand Makai's reaches."

"I guess it'll be okay..."

The tea kettle whistles... "Have some tea, Mom."