Shadows In Space (Gaonoir)

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Shadows In Space (Gaonoir)
Date of Cutscene: 09 July 2017
Location: Flotilla Ship
Synopsis: Gaonoir and his Tamer stowed away on the Starbound Flotilla's ship to find out where they were going.
Cast of Characters: Gaonoir

Darkness surrounded them, as much within the ship as outside of it. The crew had not bothered to fix the lighting grid in the cargo hold, likely due to needing to keep power to more important parts of the ship. They had no company save for storage crates and the cold deck of mismatched materials.

Footfalls echoed in the distance, snapping Erika out of her internal narration when Gaonoir elbowed her, and she quickly stuffed her digital tablet back into her back so the soft blue glows of the screen wouldn't give them away. Reaccounting her first real time into space, stowed away on a spaceship like a true conspiracy theory dream, would have to wait.

Erika scooted over to the crate in front of them, peaking over the top next to the digimon. Outlines of forms, too vague in the shadows to tell who or what race, paused at entry. Only their flashlights actually swept into the cargo hold and broke up the shadows.

Next to her Gaonoir tensed, managing to stifle down a growl but still clenching his gloved paws like fists and his fur bristling. If they were discovered he would have to act quickly to subdue whoever it was before they could warn the rest of the crew....

There was some muttering about 'objects shifting in takeoff' and 'more important things' and then the flashlights disappeared.

After a few moments Gaonoir nodded, still keeping his voice to a whisper. "I can't hear or smell them, they've left." Erika let out a soft sigh as she turned and slouched down to sit back against the crate. "I think they know there's people hiding on the ship." "But not where, or how many." Gaonoir peaked out again. His dark colorations of charcoal, grey and purple where more suited for the lack of lighting. "They're probably more worried about keeping this hodgepodge in flight. As long as we don't do anything hostile to get their attention." "Mmhmm." Erika pulled the tablet back out. Frowned at it. "I can't get much of a signal right now, but once we land I should be able to get a beacon for our allies off." "And then we get off of it ourselves." Gaonoir grunted as he watched around the corner of the crate. "We're going to have to go all out to escapde... But we should focus on the ship." Gaonoir pushed away from the corner and turned back to these Tamers. "I know these spaced invaders stole stuff and caused a lot of trouble... But they're like a lot of the displaced Digimon we've dealt with. They're doing what they need to survive."

There was a pause, as that was enough of a not-typical-Gaonoir to get Erika to look up from her screen and raise a brow at him. "That's charitable of you."

Gaonoir snorted in response, tail giving an irritated twitch. More at himself for letting that slip loose. "I'm not saying it's right. But... they need to just be reminded they shouldn't do that sort of thing."

Erika set the tablet in her lap and reached one arm over to hook around his shoulder and tug the dog-like digimon close to her. He was fuzzy and warm, as much as he pretended to hate the personal contact. "That's why we're with who we are, isn't it? To do what's right, not what some law says is right?"

"Yeah... yeah. When the time comes, I'll teach them a lesson without making them worse off. Or that'll just encourage more bad behavoir."

Pause. Then a grumble as Gaonoir slumped into the half-hug next to her.

"Mods dammit, I'm starting to sound like that damn Knight..."