She Sees You (Genghis Rex)

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She Sees You (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 11 March 2015
Location: Somewhere on Reptilon
Synopsis: Princess Dei has eyes everywhere ...
Thanks to: Serori Allo Kakarot Tony Stark Taylita Raditz Vegeta Dracula
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

"We got it! We got it!" The tiny Compsognathus chirped and he slapped two cables together, projecting a static-filled image on the screen.

Caesar's eyes were the wild eyes of a madman, one blue and the other orange, and they were almost googley as the whirled around in his head. Rather than armor or even clothing, he seemed to have strapped various bits of technological gadgetry to his emaciated frame. Switches, lights, knobs and LED readouts blinked on what bits of his body wasn't draped in cables, wires and tubes.

"I see only static, Caesar."

"Just a sec! I had it! I'll get it back" The Compy blurted, spinning a dial on his forearm and glancing rapidly from the dial to the display, his head twitching in an unnatural, disturbing manner.

The image sharpened as the Compy dialed the signal in, "SEE! I got it!" he yelled excitedly, stepping back and taking his place next to his queen, pulling up a chewed blue feather sprouting from his elbow and nervously placing it into his mouth while intently watching the screen.

Dei shifted in her seat, her yellow tail curling around her ankle, her jade eyes staring with the same earnest intensity of her younger sibling.

The image wobbled from side to side in an odd fashion, causing Caesar to ask between nibbles on his feather, "Did your brother gain weight? He's waddling! I don't remember him waddling, before!"

Dei hissed derisively, "That's not him. His idiot lieutenant somehow ended up with the badge I bugged. It doesn't matter, those two have been inseparable quite literally since they were hatched."

"I don't recognize that place! It's weird!" Caesar chirped.

"That ... is the interior of the invaders' flagship. Interesting. It's really too bad the camera is focused primarily on Brachio's enormous purple ass."

Caesar chittered a bizarre, disturbing laugh then went silent with a sudden jerk.

Die eyed him coolly, "We're gonna discuss your caffeine and sugar intake one of these days."

Caesar cocked his head at Dei as if he had no idea what she was referring to.

Dei and Caesar sat and watched the negotiation with the Neo-Saiyan leader unfold. Dei took time to comment on the stupidity of every attendee and everything each one had to say. In spite of his small size and rotund frame, Ankylo seemed to be functioning well as a makeshift spy camera.

"Here it comes ..." Dei smirked 30 seconds before the table in front of Ankylo flipped straight up into the air and Genghis Rex started berating pretty much everyone in the room, calling out allies and enemies alike.

"That's it, you big red Tail for Brains. Drive wedges between you and your allies! Sew frustration and mistrust! Do what you're best at, you overgrown hatchling!!" Dei seethed, clenching her claw so tightly that she drew blood.

Caesar clapped excitedly, "He's nuts! HAHAHA! They'll turn him inside out!"

"Pffffsssshhhhh" Dei sighed disappointedly as Rex was subdued by his Tyranno cohorts and now slumped over the camera, unconscious and held by Ankylo.

"It's over! Turn it off!" Dei hissed.

Caesar glanced at her hopefully, "Maybe, maybe, maybe, someone will snap his neck and we'll get to hear it! Don't you wanna hear it?"

"We wouldn't be so lucky ... however, I think this Kakarot mammal might be able to do that ... if given the right ... incentive ..."