Shopping (Hope's Light)

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Shopping (Hope's Light)
Date of Cutscene: 30 October 2013
Location: None
Synopsis: Hope does Christmas shopping for her adoptive family.
Cast of Characters: 288
Tinyplot: None

"Hello, welcome to MacroMart Superstore! What can we help you with?"

"Um, yes... I'm looking for some gifts for my mom and grandma..."

"I see, I see! Well then, let's start with your grandmother. Does she have any hobbies? Knitting perhaps?"

"Uhh... she watches a lot of anime and collects stuffed animals?"

"Really now? Anime?"

"Yes'm. She also collects swords, do you have any nice swords?"

"Er... no... but we do have an anime section..."

"Nothing with giant robots. She doesn't like giant robots."

"Right, right. Look, how about your mother? Does she collect anything?"

"Knives. Do you have knives? Something unique."

"Let's not focus on knives or swords. Does she collect anything else? Have any hobbies? What are her hobbies?"

"Killing whores."