Sleeping Reality (Doran)

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Sleeping Reality (Doran)
Date of Cutscene: 18 April 2015
Location: Great Ocean - Vast Gulf
Synopsis: After the MetalGarurumon-X was dealt with in Urbania, most of the participants in that battle left for steak and morale-improving fun. Ryuu, on the other hand, had other matters to tend to...
Cast of Characters: 695

Some distance west of Urbania, on the bluffs of the Vast Gulf area of the Great Ocean, a golden Eastern Dragon touches down and releases a small purple furry raptor from within a glowing front claw. The raptor almost immediately curls up into a miserable-looking ball, the surface of his fur rustling in the breeze.

"That was risky. And stupid. And --" Ryuu stops mid-rant as he stares down at the Dorumon. "You're not even listening, are ya?"

Doran opens one eye and stares up at the much larger Ouryuumon, fur bristling. "We both know where you're going with this. It worked out for the best, didn't it?" His child-like voice is extremely testy, almost snarling.

Ryuu is hardly intimidated, marked by a deadpan stare and low snort. "Did it really?" The Eastern Dragon-like Digimon coils up like a rattlesnake and crosses his arms over his chest, heedless of the steep drop-off behind him. "You saw how Duke reacted."

"Aye." Doran's voice is very grim, a stark contrast to the child-like tone of his voice, and it even deepens slightly. "Catching a glimpse of his savior was enough to drive him to one knee, and whatever he saw through Finna's strange power almost did him in entirely... though I can certainly guess what he saw..." His jaw clenches with a metallic creak, teeth grinding against each other. "We're running out of time."

Ryuu rumbles an agreement. "In more ways than one. Between Duke and you --"

Doran laughs bitterly, cutting Ryuu off mid-sentence. "There's no helping me, Ryuu -- you know that. There's no replacing what was taken and no getting it back either. The fact I can even be a ruined shadow of my former self is a miracle, but you have to re-stabilize my data immediately after I de-Digivolve from it." He buries his head within the furry ball of his form. "One last twist of Yggdrasil's betrayal, I bet."

The draconic Digimon stays silent for a while, turning his head to look over the beaches below. "I knew I would lose some power when I saved your life. Time has not changed the resoluteness of my decision." He ignores Doran's faint snort of disbelief. "Speaking more constructively, what should we do now?"

"Circumstances have already accelerated beyond what I originally thought possible." With some effort, Doran uncurls and staggers over to lean against Ryuu's form. "Duke's knocking on the door. He just needs to understand what he sees, to accept the past he can barely recall, and to realize that the past does not determine the future."

Ryuu grins toothily down at the Dorumon. "That last part sounds familiar."

Doran doesn't react, except for the corners of his muzzle to twitch in a held-back grin. "Perhaps so. Maybe if the more idealistic of us starts down that path, the other can follow." He closes his eyes as his ears droop, his voice returning to normal. "Can we go back to Alexis' place now? I'm starving."

"'Course." Ryuu carefully unwinds himself and scoops Doran up in his front claw again. "How're you gonna justify your state to Alexis, anyhow?"

"Hunt gone bad. Got chased off by something I thought I could take down by myself. You had to come fetch me after you left the Bar and Grill." Doran grunts as he settles down for the flight. "It's better than the truth."

Ryuu snorts as he leaps off of the bluff as if preparing to dive into the water. "Nothing's better than the truth." He arcs upwards at the last moment, the ocean spray gleaming on his armor as he flies to the nearest warpgate. "But for now, it'll have to do."