So Many Plots So Little Time (Tesla Armadia)

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So Many Plots So Little Time (Tesla Armadia)
Date of Cutscene: 25 July 2015
Location: Laboratories - Bacterian Tokyo
Synopsis: Musing over current going-ons.
Cast of Characters: 368

"Thermostat... induction coil... regulator sensor... cooling tank... ice dispensor..." Stratos paused in digging through the stack of machinery as she stood, holding one device up in a hand as she scrutinized it. "... Change dispensor?" Then turned her head to look towards Tesla sitting at a station sipping her usual extra-hard coffee. "What did your little miscreants do, strip a bunch of vending machines?"

"Yes," Tesla replied as she turned back to her station of displays, setting the mug aside. "And an ice machine. You said you needed temperature management hardware, you never said were it had to come from."

"Point." Stratos set the device down and walked around the stacks. "I've worked with less. Plus now I've got your facilities to utilize as well, so this will be plenty of," she stopped as she rested a foot on one of the larger ice-making components, "cold comfort."

"... I'm going to let that pun slide, because it was marginally clever." Tesla snorted, showing less amusement than she actually had as she gestured across the work station and several holographic screens flared to life in a half circle around her at the technopath's command. Most of them were just monitoring various Zero Point research locations.

Some were of more personal interest. Like the observation post monitoring the Tyrannos' recovery on Reptilon. Or the one displaying an aerial view of the valley Peridot was constructing her new Kindergarten in, a sidebar scrolling through calculations to determine the best points for coverage to place the defenses the Gem had requested.

Stratos stepped closer and leaned over Tesla's shoulder to peer at one screen. "Hey, isn't that Brockton Bay? Watcha watching that dump for? I thought you helped Saint off Dragon..."

"Indirectly, and he did. But," Tesla picked her mug up with one hand and sipped from it again, "Death is often little more than an extended convenience when it comes to entities that don't rely on our shackles of mortal flesh and bone."

"So you don't really care if she's dead, off-line, or whatever you call it."

"Saint's vendetta was useful to getting his assistance in the jailbreak. No more, no less." Pause. "Though I should prehaps speak with this 'Teacher' some time. If only to indulge my curiosity on how things operate in your world farther."

-- GEAR central, this is Lunessa -- The cyborg wolf's voice crackled over a comm channel. -- I've got a lead on that kangaroo woman's home world. Check it out. --

"Hmm?" Tesla set the mug aside again and literally grabbed one of the holo-panels, pulled it in front of herself and Stratos and expanded it to full size. After a bit of static from syncronizing with the signal clarified on a point-of-view from Lunessa's HUD. But more interesting was the view itself, being some varient of the otherwise familiar New York skyline. "Interesting."

-- I've kept out of sight, but there's rumors floating around about other 'giant animal people' being spotted occasionally. Also of a gang calling itself 'The Foot Clan'. Dumb name, if you ask me. --

"It is a bit of a stinker," Stratos agreed, snickering at her own foot joke. At least it wasn't another pun.

"It's ambigious. Tells potential enemies little of intention, or capacity."

"You find that kangaroo bitch yet? I owe her one for tossing me in that pool."

-- Yes --, there was a pause on Lunessa's end, -- And no. I've tracked her back here but there's too much overlap with old trails and these other freaks running around, I haven't pinpointed an actual location or home point yet. --

"Keep me posted, Lunessa. Tesla, out." The holo-panel was shrunk back into it's former position. "She'll find her, eventually. This 'Rebound' has butted into my affairs a few times now, and the anomolty of her being is .. curious."

Stratos tilted her head to the side a bit as she looked at her new 'boss', confused. "She's not just one of these animal people wandering 'round the Multiverse? You think she might be like you said you are? Changed from a human somehow."

"Yes, exactly." Tesla leaned forward on the station on her elbows, steepling fingers together thoughtfully. "I want to know how... And if the means can be useful to us ... Eheh heh heh heh...."