Soliloquy of Reproach: Forearmed (Alucard Tepes)

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Soliloquy of Reproach: Forearmed (Alucard Tepes)
Date of Cutscene: 13 October 2017
Location: Castlevania World
Synopsis: As resistance mounts against him, Alucard is visited by a concerned citizen of Castlevania, with a warning.
Thanks to: Everyone in the SoR plot
Cast of Characters: 1128
Tinyplot: Soliloquy of Reproach

        It had taken Alucard a long time to heal from the beating Jonathan dealt him. But finally he was recovered. He could continue to find out who this devil was who used his face to hunt those women for their blood. The massive statue covering the underground lair was nothing for Alucard to move, and he slid the stone statue back, so that he could exit the stairs underneath.

        But as he did, the scent of something demonic reached him a split second before the chuckle. Quickly Alucard drew his sword and faced the direction that scent and sound came from. "Who goes?" he called out.

        "'Tis only me, young master," the voice announced. A being drifted down from the branches of a nearby tree, on a pair of black wings. A demon -- an incubus. One that Alucard knew well.

        Alucard's eyes narrowed at the appearance of the incubus. "...What do you want?"

        "Only to warn you, young master," the incubus replied gravely. "Those you call 'friends' and 'allies' are coming here, and I believe they mean to kill you. The Paladins, that organization you joined? They have provided a group of these so-called Elites with the location of your place of sanctuary." He indicates the small temple Alucard had just left. "You see? Lord Dracula was right. You cannot trust humans. They lie to your face while hiding knives behind their backs."

        "As do you," Alucard pointed out.

        "Yes, but honestly," the incubus countered. "One knows a demon will scheme. Humans... they are the true monsters. They pretend -- perhaps even intend -- to be your friend. And then the first time you show power? The first time you show yourself more powerful than them? You are a monster and must be destroyed."

        Alucard frowned. This demon, he knew this demon. He had never outright lied before -- was not capable of outright lying. So they were coming here, and there was enough speculation for the incubus to believe they meant Alucard harm. "...I see. Thank you. You may leave now."

        "...Young master." The incubus took a few steps closer to Alucard, and the dhampir tensed. But the incubus made no hostile moves. "...There is only one place you will be free... one place where none will judge you for your father's blood that flows in your veins."

        "No," Alucard said, without hesitation.

        "Take it to protect yourself!" the incubus hissed. "These mortals care nothing for you! When they believed you troublesome, they drew together a group to destroy you! Just as they did your mother--!"

        The incubus was suddenly reeling back, from a hard punch to the face. Alucard's expression was postively murderous. "If I ever hear mention of my mother from your lips again, I will slice your wings from your back. If her name leaves your lips, I will remove your head from your neck. Do you understand me?"

        "Y-yes, young master..." The incubus displayed quite a bit less bravado now. He stood, bowing. "My apologies, young master. I merely do not wish to see any harm come to you. Please... only you have that option. Only you can protect us. And you can stop the vampire! If you do return, the vampire will be subject to your will, and will return to you."

        Alucard was silent for a long moment. He couldn't do what the incubus was suggesting. It would just bring more pain to the land. Anytime the castle rose, it was a blight on the countryside, tainted the very earth, and made the dead rise and walk the land from its presence alone. But... the incubus had a point. Where else would he be free of prejudice? And what of the dark ones like him who helped humans? Those same humans would run from him whether he intended their deaths or not.

        Before he realized it, the incubus had reached out, touching his shoulder. "Do not touch me, Incubus," Alucard hissed quietly, and in the next instant the pommel of his sword struck the incubus in the midsection. In response, the demon crumpled, gasping for breath that he suddenly couldn't draw.

        The incubus growled. His pride would not allow him to merely take that abuse. "Then die with your idiotic love of humans!" he shrieked, wings flapping once to take him into the air again, before Alucard could attack him. "Let them destroy you then, if you believe their peace is more important than your life! But after you, they will move to another!"

        His voice abruptly gentles. "Poor, poor little Maria," he drawls his voice full of false sweetness. "You know she will defend you. And when she tries? They'll destroy her. Or she will destroy them. Either way, you will be shunned again, young master Adrian. This time from the Multiverse completely. You will have no refuge. None but the castle."

        And then he was gone.

        Alucard scowled. And then he moved, so quickly that his feet seemed to begin moving an instant after his body moved, and left afterimages in his wake. This situation was getting out of hand. He needed to find the vampire who was responsible, before undue bloodshed occurred -- either his own or others'.