Some Things Burn Hotter (Corona Arclite)

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Some Things Burn Hotter (Corona Arclite)
Date of Cutscene: 25 August 2016
Location: Izzet Quarter - City of Ravnica
Synopsis: Trying to vent stress and frustration at recent events explodes.
Cast of Characters: Corona Arclite

The rest of Ravnica may be in discord over the events of last night's meeting, but the Izzet guild was as busy as ever. They were going to need ever bit of help it could find to get through these dark times, and that in itself was enough to drive many of its current and honorary members to work even harder on Project Thianel. But haste did not mean waste, and even in the frenzy of activity every care was being put into the reconstruction of their autonomous friend and mentor. Forges roared and spewed heat much like the dragonkind they served. Tools and magic sang from every corner of the work area as metals were prepared and pieces precisely cut. A chorus of hammers continuously beat out a furious working rythmn between the great walls, frevor venting the emotions boiling from the night before.

But amongst all those hammers, only one blasted great flares of green-blue as it struck upon the metal beneath it. With every blow of the Corona Breaker the plasma sheathing the head would superheat the metal it struck, keeping it at a mallible state longer. Which meant less trips back to the forge to reheat it. As such every swing Corona made with her trademark tool could flatten metal quickly, or drive it down upon a mold more thoroughly with less time and physical effort. It was one of the reasons she was the premiere metalsmith for working with the brimsteel ore her homeworld was named after, and now it served her well working upon the myriad of arcane alloys the Izzet have at their disposal.

But even as she vented her frustration into driving her work, the ringing of hammer upon alloy in her ears did not quell the rolling of thoughts behind the vixen's determination. Although she knew little of politics she had not gone in unprepared. She had read the same information she had put together to bring Miss C up to speed with the setup. She had not expected the gathering of Guild representatives to be able to do much without bickering and backtalk.

What -had- astounded, not to mention apalled her, was how thoroughly it DID interfer with their capacity. They were so wound up in their individual slices of the pie. They cared more about their individual parts than Ravnica as a whole. And on top of it all, NOT ONE of them showed one ounce of interest in Rhapsody personally, or at least some consideration for how utterly emotionally wrenching the has to be for her. Everything she had lived for, tried to live up to in her father's shadow, was crashing down around her. AND NOT ONE OF THEM CARED!

Plasma sheared outward in sparking plumes as Corona swung the hammer down extra hard, driving blows fueled by her own turmoil of emotions. Again and again, the green-blue flash reflecting in the lenses of her goggles, casting almost ominous light and shadow effects in greenish tint across her grimacing features. Corona knew how it felt to loose the ones close to you. To lose family. She had lost her parents to men jealous of her father's genius. Or afraid of it. She had lost friends to industrial tyrants who cared more of money and fame than the lives of their workers. Much like these other guilds tried to hide their fear of 'outsiders' behind hate and distrust. Fear of them being stronger. Distrust of them being able to do things they could not.

Another accented plasma flare rang through the shop. Ears splayed back, tailing twitching in sync with the swings. With every driving blow Corona got more and more wound into her internal storm, letting her anger scream through the slamming hammer instead.

o/~ Down in the dust, our feet are cold and tired. We've built your walls, we've lit your goddamn fires. We've even fought your wars, guarded your lives. Greased your pipes, we made and laid your wires. o/~

And despite the hate and mistrust, those 'outsiders' have stood at Ravnica's aid for as long as it has been a part of the Multiverse. It's true they did things the Guilds could not, and now Corona could see why. They couldn't even trust each other! No wonder the city had been in disarray before Niv-Mizzet brought his allies in to help, as the stories she had been told go. They wanted control, by it by law or by darkness, and feared what they could not. They were like that goddamn Moleman King. They hated what was different from them. Better than them. Had what they did not. The Union learned to work together DESPITE their differences, something these arrogant slagholes could not do.

All that hate was being projected onto Yunomi, Rhapsody and the Izzet allies. They didn't care about what had happened to make one of the most loyalest of Izzets turn heel, they just wanted to make her a scapegoat!

o/~ Heavy with rust our shoulders bear your loads Plumb out of trust, too many lives hewed low You ask for much, but give burdens untold It's time to rush, it's time to dump this load o/~

And yet, they were a bunch of goddamn hypocrites! They claim to hate and distrust outsiders, yet as soon as one mysterious stranger shows up claiming to be an enemy of their projected target, they jump on his side! Not to mention that man was only here to stir the shitstorm more. Corona didn't need magic abilities to sense how wrong he was, she had seen his sort before. He reminded her of that elderitch monster they had fought, no more than a brain in a jar upon a machine, broiling with uncomprehendable contempt for her, for reasons she knew not. Of the dead man it had made walk again, the only thing fueling his unlife is revenge against the lawman that had struck him down when he would not yield.

He reminded her... of herself. Of what she had been as an orphan on the streets, bitter and caring only for her own survival. Of what she could of become, nothing but a ball of hatred and bitterness, had Rusty not found and taken her in. Taught her properly to achieve what she truely wanted, not what she felt was deserved.

His words about family were lies. He cared not about that, or about honor, he only cared about it as a reason for revenge. To hunt things different from him, much as the other Guilds feared them. Feared outsiders. Feared -change-, despite what good it has done their city.

The Corona Breaker reared up into the air over her head, flaring brightly almost as if in tune with the turmoil of emotions within. o/~ Raise your fists up to the sky! o/~ And slammed down with a resounding THWAM ringing throughout the forges. o/~ Be yourself, be more before you die o/~ THWAM o/~ Take a stand from your proclivity o/~ THWAM o/~ and march away from its captivity o/~ THWOOM-CRUNCH

Everything in the workshop ni literally screeched to a stop at the scream of plasma exploding upon impact. Everyone turned to look at the Corona Breaker, reflexively extended to its full sledgehammer size in Corona's emotional fury, impeded a bit into the floor. Bits of table, not to mention bits of the -metal she had been working on-, scattered across the floor admist the plasma scorch lines. That had not been Izzium, but was still one of the stronger magic alloys they made she had been testing her tool on.

And it was -obliterated-. By the pulsarium empowered hammer, or by the vixen's rage, was anyone's guess.

Corona stood there, gloved hands still clenched around the handle, her knuckles white beneath the leather and brass. Her chest heaved with ragged breathes, her entire body shaking from the emotions within screaming at the release. Until anger and frustration started to give away to exhaustion as her body slowly realized it was being pushed well past even her determined limits for several days of work now. Headstrong and caffience could only make up for sleep and real food for so long. Her body couldn't take it any longer.

Corona promptly dropped much like her own hammer had, needing to be carried off to her temporary room to recover.