Sorrow and Shaming (Eryl)

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Sorrow and Shaming (Eryl)
Date of Cutscene: 08 December 2014
Location: Njorun Station - Medical
Synopsis: Eryl wakes up, after having lost twice in a row, only to receive and give some choice words with his boss, Diana LeFoe.
Cast of Characters: Eryl Fairfax

Eryl awakens, looking up at the roof of Njorun's Medical Bay. 'This has become a distressingly frequent sight of late,' he muses to himself. As everything begins to boot back up, he becomes aware of a buzzing in his head. Not one caused by Original Face, the system that had become the bane of his existence of late. No, this was his direct line to ReGenesis going off. With a small groan, he checks his inner logs. They had been trying to get in touch for the last hour. LeFoe was going to be furious, he could already tell.

Not wanting to put the chewing-out he was going to receive off any longer, he answers. "Saviour-001, what do you have to say for yourself?" Diana LeFoe says immediately. She only called him that when she was really mad at him, reducing him only to his function and number. Rolling his eyes, he answers. "The Union needed an asset defended. I went to defend it, and failed. That is all." He could go on to say how unbelievably ashamed he was by that fact. That he lost, again, to another man. Not some Primal, but someone more on his level. But he doesn't. Besides, they can probably read that on their sensors anyway.

"Saviour-001, we are concerned about your dedication to your mission. You seem far too eager run off and put yourself at risk for something as simple as land." That gets Eryl's attention, the shame starting to be replaced by rage. "There are people dying out there, right now, deaths that might have been prevented had you stuck with your journey. If they exist, their deaths are on your hands." In his bed, Eryl struggles not to snap, implants suppressing his emotions. He could yell at her, say that he had finally made friends he wouldn't have leave behind in a couple of days, that he didn't want to let those people down. But Diana LeFoe is an efficient woman, and would respond only to efficient logic.

"With all due respect Diana," Eryl begins, in a rather disrespectful tone, "I worry about that every day. But the mission is always at the forefront of my mind. To that end, I network with the Union. They have resources, resources that may elevate out world from 'base survival' to 'thriving life' far sooner than our projections anticipated. But, in order to make them willing to help us, they need a face to identify with, rather than some corporation. That is where I come in. By living, struggling and laughing alongside them, they come to like me. By extension, they come to like ReGenesis, and so become more willing to help them. Yes, this necessitates that I put myself at risk, but I would not allow myself to die. The mission is too important."

The line is silent for a few moments, LeFoe mulling this over. "... fine. But do not let yourself become too badly damaged. After your mission, we have more work for you to do. Dangerous work." Eryl groans lightly in his bed. "Diana, come on. You have a whole Multiverse of people to draw on now. There is a whole Syndicate of people to hire for that kind of thing. Just get it out of the way." Again, the line goes dead. "... I'll keep that in mind. Get some rest, and run for the next week of your journey." She then hangs up.

Sighing softly, Eryl reaches for the nurse call button, hoping to get something to drink. As his arm enters his line of sight, he sees the dull metal of his limbs, rather than the fake skin that usually coats them, a grim reminder of his failure. Shuddering to suppress a new rush of anguish, he pushes the button, hoping that he has composed himself before the nurse arrives.