Super Karnage Bros. (King Jin, Takeda Takahashi)

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Super Karnage Bros. (King Jin, Takeda Takahashi)
Date of Cutscene: 09 September 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: With the addition of Earthrealm into the Multiverse, the karnage begins! (WARNING: BLOOD, GORE, AND EXTREME VIOLENCE!)
Cast of Characters: 1136, 1135



The scene is a despicable one. A helpless old lady being mugged by a trio of hoodlums. The rough necks have encircled their victim, having intercepted her on her way back from the store and they intend to steal all her bags along with her savings. Grandma is putting a struggle and they don’t like that. They don’t like that one bit. Grabbing her roughly by the shoulders, the men who are nearly twice her size and weight slam her against a brick wall. One of them brandishes a large knife with decidedly unfriendly intentions in his eyes.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" A righteous voice comes from a nearby rooftop. The trio and their victim look up to see two young men, still visible despite the cover of the night by a nearby street light. A boy in ninja garb with a yellow gi on top and a slightly older young man wearing green Shaolin monk battle robes. The two jump down from the building to face the muggers not bothering to take a fighting stance just yet. Their faces tell all they need to know. ‘Let her go or else!’.

Unimpressed, the mugger with the large knife saunters over to two, stepping closer whilst keeping his blade up and ready. "Listen here, kiddos. This ain't no Power Ranger show. Why don't you take your plastic weapons and your magical friendship beams and run back to your mommies? Because me and my buddies?" His knife is held up again. "We fight for real—GHKK!"

The threat is interrupted when a metallic rope is wrapped around the gangbanger's neck, courtesy of the boy in ninja grab. Chocking momentarily, the mugger is then pulled towards the two with surprising strength from the boy.

"GET OVER HERE!!" Calls the kid in yellow ninja garb grabbing the much bigger man's neck with his right hand now. Fingers dig hard into the man's throat like a vice, veins and eyes begin to pop out, and before anyone seems to know what's happening a fountain of red explodes as the ninja kid rips the man's head clean off his neck. His spinal cord dangles down and his lifeless body collapses on the ground, blood pooling out of the socket that was once his throat.

The two remaining muggers stand motionless, though the silence doesn't remain there for long. Screams of agonizing pain break the momentary tension as the Shaolin monk shoots one of the gang members with an arrow, piercing the man's foot and pinning it to the ground. As the man tries to kneel down to pull the arrow down he finds his hands equally impaled to the ground as the monk puts another arrow through his hands.

The man screams again, and the monk's face twists in an expression of distaste. "You sound like a monkey, with all that screeching." With this, the monk fires another arrow, this one aimed directly through the man's mouth and throat, putting him out of EVERYONE'S misery.

At this point the last mugger is trying to make a run for it. Dashing suddenly to the other side of the alley, his path is blocked by the ninja who appears before him in a fiery display. His appearance is then followed by a swift uppercut to the jaw; this shatters the mugger's teeth and sends him flying backwards towards the monk.

In mid-air the mugger is shot by one of the monk's arrows, striking him right through the back of the neck which decapitates him. The body falls gracelessly on the ground and the monk catches the head in one hand. Looking at the head dispassionately, the monk states flatly, "Alas poor Yorick, I don't give a shit." The head is then easily disposed of as the monk casually tosses it over his shoulder, to land in a dumpster. 3 points.

"NICE!" chirps the ninja boy and proceeds to high five the monk. This at least gets something of a smirk from the monk. "We sure showed them!" He turns to the terrified looking old lady and hands her back all her belongings, which just so happen to be soaked with mugger blood. "Here you go, ma'am. Those punks won't be bothering you again."

(Posted with Konsent of both Takeda's and Jin's players.)