System Recovery (Lexicon)

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System Recovery (Lexicon)
Date of Cutscene: 12 December 2016
Location: The System
Synopsis: Following a multiverse-wide disaster, the System's DCCs hold an impromptu meeting
Cast of Characters: Lexicon

Pixels scatter with the uncomfortable groan of metal. High-tension grapple lines strain, glowing bright white, as heavy machinery increases the load. Very gradually, the tilted spire of the System Hub rights itself from the unstable angle that recent events had left it in.

Hands on her hips, crimson eyes fixed on the work at hand, is Silver Soul. Rather than oversee the operation as a supervisor, she merely watches, leaving it to the System Repair Utilities bustling about the Hub's assorted, damaged structures. Smoke still rises from the Random Access warehouses, though the fire at least has been extinguished.

"I thought I'd find you here," a voice rings out. Silver Soul tilts her head downward, then turns to face its source: A taller, curvier DCC with the same sigil-marked glowing eyes, her hair and Processors colored a vibrant green. The spear that she normally carries is nowhere to be seen.

"Emerald Soul," she states by way of greeting, "So the System Bus is still functional. I expect the others are already here." Her head cants towards a black streak circling one of the more distant structures, the Cablerail terminal.

"Whatever happened," Emerald Soul folds her arms, "It caused quite a ruckus in Arcade. I expect Cadenza and Vector had similar troubles." Her eyes lift as the Hub's central tower at last attains vertical, "And even this place has taken damage, though I see the repair utility wasted no time getting to work."

"So long as we're still online," Silver Soul states, eyes closing, "We can rebuild. We've done it before, you know... Hm?" That black streak approaching prompts one eye to open, and she turns to greet the source just as it lands, "Onyx Soul."

"It's no good," the white-haired DCC mutters. She landed carrying her enormous blade, though as she straightens her posture the black-clad girl dismisses her weapon, "The Cablerail's been severed. We're cut off until the Repair Utility can reconnect the line." Her arms fold, fixing a steel-blue glower on her fellow guardians, "Given the extent of the damage to the Hub, something like that is low-priority. It could take a few days."

"Great," Silver Soul inclines her head, "For now I'm going to suggest a truce between the four of us. No fighting until we sort out our Drives and the Hub and Cablerail are fully recovered." Eyes closing, she holds out her hand, "Whatever you two agree to do, /I'm/ going to adhere to that."

"I agree," Emerald Soul states with a nod, "After all, our own people should be our biggest priority." She reaches forward, placing her hand atop Silver Soul's, "After all, without a Drive, what would we even be fighting for?"

"I won't adhere to an official ceasefire," Onyx Soul states, leaning back with one eye closed, "But I will promise not to start any fights between our Drives for now." An arm unfolds and she places it on top of Emerald Soul's.

With no warning at all, a purple-haired girl in a white hoodie breaks into the trio's formation, slamming both hands on top of Onyx Soul's with a cheer, "And Saltavi makes four! It's super official now!"

"Damnit!" Silver Soul can't help but snap, "Can't you at least freakin' transform for something as serious as this?!"

Saltavi's response is simply to bonk a fist lightly against her own head, tongue sticking out, "An' miss out on that face you're making?"