Tech Creation (Terry McGinnis)

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Tech Creation (Terry McGinnis)
Date of Cutscene: 16 December 2015
Location: Batcave - Gotham City
Synopsis: Terry working on some tech to be used while studing to become a Huntsman
Cast of Characters: 867

Terry had just returend from Kawakami City via warp gate and walked into the Batcave as he looked around. "Another quiet night," he says to himself as he moves to a table and removes his cloths and slips into something more comfrontable. Once that is done, he returns and looks at the two gauntlets he found and thinks as he begins to work on them. First he takes them apart and heads over to the batcomputer and begins to research things for the Gauntlets, "Wish Winry was here," he mentions to the bats that live in the Batcave as he gets an idea and returns to his task.

What are you doing McGinnis," came the voice of Max as she walked down the steps from Wayne Manor. "And how was your trip to Kawakami City?" she asks him.

"It was insightful and something I will have to check out more later on," he says to Max as he looks at her. "The lady we met when we arrived, Momoyo Kawakami, was able to crack the Earth with a single punch, run really fast and sparred with Yang and Kenji," and he looks. "She held her own and I think will make a good ally to the Union," he states as he looks at the items ont he worktable, I am working on some new weapons for me while I am at Beacon Academy," he responds to her as he pulls a pair of goggles on and begins to work on the gauntlets. Max walks over and puts her drink down as she watches him.

"You know, I can help you with that," she says to him as Terry looks up,

"Yea, but I need to do this, to see if this will really work," he states. "But if you want to help, feeel free," he says as he nods to the other gauntlet. "I am working on installing the grapple gun into the gauntlet to have without having to carry one on the utility belt," he mentions. "On this one, I am working on adding compartments that will hold different stuff, like the gas, glue and smoke pellets. Have them be launched by some CO2. I also want to work on some stuff to be able ot be carried on the utility belt and change the pouches to make them harder to be opened by people," he mentions as he nods to the utility belt. "If I get into a fight on Remnant or this stuff is taken for whatever reason, I wanna be prepared," he comments as he works on the gauntlet.

"I see that you are doing some work that does not involve Gotham City or Batman," comes the voice of the elder Bruce Wayne. Terry looks up at him as he approached.

"Yea, figured this would be good to do. Help me think on my plan of action while training there," he comments to the first Batman.

Bruce nods and looks, "Let me help you with that gauntlet," he says as he walks over to where Max is and she moves to the utility belt.

"Not a problem Mr. Wayne," she says to him. "Terry, why not do a completely new design for the utility belt," she states to him. "Instead of altering an old belt, make a new one that fits what you are doing," and he looks up at Max.

"Good idea," he says to her. "Wanna do that while we work on this?" he asks her and she nods. "Good, then it needs to be able to hold a first air kit and different antidotes, batarangs, lock picks, tracers, food pellets, compress, map, glow sticks and one of the ultrasonic bat signals," he names off items. "Plus pouches that can be added as needed."'

Max smiles, "When I am done with this Terry, it will make other belts envious," and she starts to work. The three of them work into the night on this and Bruce tosses out other ideas tht might be good to have as backup with some equipment and helps terry work on that as well.