The Dawn (2 of 3 Rhapsody)

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The Dawn (2 of 3 Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 16 November 2016
Location: Thirix
Synopsis: Further Ponderings of the Izzet League
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: 34 - Moeru

       Contrary to popular belief, Ryxinel DID rise, at least for a little while, as the dawn began to shine. Sidonia had already shown herself out, likely to resume her information gathering duties. Vacation or not, the Dimir were always a looming threat and the sister would still check with her contacts regularly. For Ryxinel, however, a vacation meant cold forges and quiet labs. The mere thought of it made him shiver. What a -boring- state for the spires to be in. Rising, the one son slipped from the room to the open window, taking wing to glide across the space to Nivix. After riding the lift to the Nivix Aerie, he was reminded why Thirix was where all had been staying. His sister's rampage through the lair had hardly been touched. A blasted terminal, molten walls, a shattered door to the Dragonsforge.. but one thing was still intact. A bracelet of red and blue roses still rested on a desk in the corner. Picking it up with the utmost care, Ryxinel could only smile, glide back to the Thirix Aerie, and slip it on his still-sleeping sister's wrist. "Thank you for keeping us all going forward." and then, fatigue creeping back into him from the previous week of consciousness, Ryxinel settled back down. He really wasn't sure when he'd wake up next, but he was sure his family would still be as content as when they had all fallen asleep together.
       In the street before the Mana Nexus, a blade remains lodged into the street. A bloodstain not far away hints at the previous use of the mizzium blade. The Sparkblade. It had been crafted for the purpose of standing against the Magic Eaters and its duty had now been fulfilled. From this spot it would travel from one hand to another, one mage wright to another, one weird to another, and possibly one kodama to another, back to the home it was meant to rest in, a small hovel, there in the Namamura District. It is set against a small table with a steel cuirass with its Boros markings scratched out. The door closes, no one the wiser to where Skara could be. Anyone that carried the blade knew, though, that if she was needed again, this is where she'd emerge from. She was a Grey. Not an Izzet, not a Boros, not a member of any guild. She would remain a guildless to prove to each and every person that didn't have a guild to call their own that they could still be important if they truly wanted to be.