The Elders (Genghis Rex)

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The Elders (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 27 February 2015
Location: Reptilon - Tyranno Citadel
Synopsis: Rex faces the Council of Elders
Thanks to: Serori Allo
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

The last time Rex was inside the Tyranno throneroom, he was 5 years old and about to be told that his parents had been killed. At the time, death wasn't even a concept to the spoiled hatchling nor did he understand the implication that he was the heir to an empire. All he knew was that his parents were gone and his adult sister was all the family he had left. As the hulking metal doors that barred the entrance loomed over him, Rex's resolve melted away and he felt like he was a helpless hatchling all over again.

He gingerly place his palm against the security panel and listened for the familiar humming sound as a thick orange light traced the silhouette of his claw and began its tedious examination of his security access. He'd tried this dozens of times over the years (just for the hell of it) and had grown accustomed to the electronic voice blurting "Access Denied" at him. Today, however, the voice chimed "Access Granted" and the thick doors split down the middle and ground open for both the Tyranno Commander and his Lieutenant.

The giant oval chamber was not as he remembered it. His father's throne was gone, or rather, it was obscured by a long table that curved halfway around the room's circumference. Five saurian shapes sat in the dimly lit room, the largest of which sat slightly higher (presumably in the throne) at the very center of the council table.

Steeling himself, Rex stepped forward, flanked by Ankylo, their footsteps echoing loudly through the domed room. A single light stretched from the ceiling and shown in the very center of the room. Here Rex stopped and folded his arms behind his back.

"You know ... I'm not a huge fan of the whole 'Shadowy Council' thing. Once I am coronated, the first order of business will be to install better lighting in this dreary place!" Rex mused loudly.

"Yes, oh mighty Genghis Rex!" Ankylo concurred, bowing his head.

"We are not amused by your attempt at levity, Genghis Rex. Might we remind you that you are NOT king yet, and the likelihood of you realizing that particular goal is becoming more and more remote with each passing moment." The rounded shape in the middle said in deep low baritone as it shifted forward revealing a grey skinned Ankylosaurus.

This was Adjudicator Baromous, head of the Council of Elders, trusted lieutenant to the former king, and Ankylo's father. He was twice the size of his son, which usually came with age for members of his race, although it was apparent from the fat rolls that pushed out from under the edges of his armored hide and his complete lack of a neck that he had a penchant for personal indulgence. Rex's pet name for him was "The Old Toad."

"You might be correct if we continue to stand about talking instead of focusing on driving out the invaders." Rex shot back.

"There is a time and place for everything, Prince Rex" Councilman Kelisk, Terrible Dactyl's uncle, interrupted, "Ceremony must be adhered to, to maintain order."

"Bureaucracy is more like it ..." Rex muttered.

"SILENCE!" Baromous bellowed, slamming his fist on the table in front of him, causing the other 4 council members to start.

"The matters at hand are many, Genghis Rex, and we shall not permit further petty bickering. We suggest you use your tongue less slyly if you wish it to remain between your jaws."

Rex grimaced, thinking Baromous little more than a pompous ass in his use of the "Royal We."

"Very well, then. Where have you been, young Prince? Why are you violating one of our oldest and most sacred laws by bringing MAMMALS to our world? you DO realize that this is a capital offense regardless of your lineage."

Rex swallowed hard while Ankylo shifted nervously next to him. They were cutting directly to the chase.

"To answer your first question. I have been on Earth, MANY Earths to be exact, caught up in this grand multiverse as you are now. Sent there by the Dinosaucers to prevent my ascendance as King!"

"Wait?" spoke a large female Ceratopsian that Rex didn't recognize, "The Dinosaucers were responsible for this?"

Rex nodded, "Allo did it. After I killed the Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress he had no choice but to ..."

Baromous chuckled, "What? You? Killed the Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress?"

Rex blinked, "I ... I don't understand ... they died by my claw."

While the other 4 members of the council burst into laughter, Kelisk stood, and flapped his leathery wings, lifting himself up and over the council table and landing in front of Rex and Ankylo, "What, exactly do you THINK happened?"

Rex stared hard at Kelisk, "Well, umm, there was a civil war. The Tyrannos, under my leadership, overwhelmed the Dinosaucers after almost 3 years of fighting. When the Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress fell, Allo established his last stand and used some sort of dimensional weapon to port myself and the rest of my lead group across dimensions ..."

The laughter intensified, Kelisk held up a finger, "Allow me to stop you before you embarrass yourself further ... BROTHERS, I think I know what happened here ... please give me the courtesy of your attention while I explain, hrm?"

The council grew silent while Kelisk continued, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news Rex, but there was a Civil war, but YOU did not lead it. Inspired it maybe, but aside from a few initial skirmishes before the Cataclysm, you were not present for most of it. Nor were you, young Ankylo."

Realization crossed the face of the Ceratopsian, "Dinosaucer Trickery?"

Rex cocked his head "Cataclysm? What is the meaning of this?"

Kelisk shushed both of them, "Trickery, no doubt, but I believe it was more the actions of the Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress, moreso than those of their faction."

Rex barked impatiently, "GET TO THE POINT!"

Kelisk growled, "I *BELIEVE* our beloved rulers played a trick on you, Genghi Rex. Being the self-righteous Idiotopses they were, they wanted to teach you some sort of lesson and allowed you and your Tyrannos to play out your rebellious fantasies in your own heads ... curious, no doubt, as to how far you'd take it. Apparently, you took it a little farther than they were comfortable with, so, in their great wisdom, they tried to send you away where you'd possibly learn some sort of life changing lesson."

Rex blinked several times, absorbing Kelisk's words with horror. Such manipulation was not unlike the overly pious ruling duo, who seemingly thought it their holy mission to teach moral lessons to Reptilon's people.

"In the process," Kelisk continued, "They appeared to have not realized that poking holes in reality is not something somebody does on a simple whim. They didn't just transfer YOU to the multiverse, they transferred ALL of Reptilon, creating the event known as The Cataclysm."

"Imagine what it was like to look up into your own sky and not recognize the stars!" The Ceratopsian spoke in a wavering voice, "We were all horrified. We thought it was the end of the world!"

Baromous interjected, "Rationality ebbed and gave away to panic and fear. The chaos in those days that followed had us all believing that Reptilon would surely die. Once the initial shock wore off, old ambitions lifted their ugly heads again ..."

Rex muttered, "Dei ..."

Kelisk nodded, "She couldn't have asked for a more perfect martyr. You were popular, strong, ambitious, and the crown prince who held dear the glory of the once indomitable Tyranno Empire. I'm surprised she didn't put a picture of you on her flag."

Rex rubbed his head, "And the Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress?"

Kelisk shrugged, "Gone! Same as you and your colleagues. Perhaps here, in this multiverse somewhere."

"We hurled through the Cosmos for years, while Dei waged her war. It was only a few months ago that Reptilon settled in it's familiar orbit around Sol." Baromous explained, " We don't know how Reptilon survived for so long outside its natural orbit, but here we are ... and here you are ... accompanied by Mammals."

Rex glanced at Ankylo. The slow witted lieutenant was at a complete loss for words, his jaw hanging slack form his bullet-shaped head.

"There were seven of us. I had no reason to believe that Reptilon still existed or if I would ever see it again. We were lost and alone and on an Earth unlike anything we'd ever seen before. The Confederacy took us in, they gave us a home and time to adjust. As you can see by the invaders, beings of unimaginable power live in this place." Rex explained in a low even voice.

"So you admit that you allied yourself with mammals?" Baromous asked pointedly.

"I am a KING! Whether you recognize it or not! There were 7 of us left and for all I knew that's all there were left in the universe. I did what I had to, to ensure what was left of Reptilon survived ... thrived, rebuilt if possible ... I did what anyone in my position would do! What would you have me do? Perish? Let them die and watch any possibility to live as Saurians again die with them? I THINK NOT! They are my brothers and I have kept them alive this long and will continue to do so regardless of what judgement you dare bring against me, AND YOUR SON, on this day Adjudicator! You seek to judge me, then do so ... but at LEAST let me TRY to save my world before you end my life!"

Baromous stood, fury in his beady eyes; the table creaked in protest as he leaned his fists heavily into its surface. After several intense seconds, the Adjudicator spoke, "We will postpone judgement until after the invaders have been dealt with. Should you succeed, we shall consider these extenuating circumstances when determining your punishment ... should you fail, we assume the invaders will enact their own form of punishment upon your miserable hide."

Rex met Baromous' glare, matching his fury with a defiant scowl.

"In the meantime," Kelisk continued for the mute Adjudicator, "You have full command of the remaining loyalist Tyrannos and we will cooperate with you and your allies in this endeavor. Congratulations, Genghis Rex, for now ... you have all the rights and privileges of an interim King."