The End...? (Allo)

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The End...? (Allo)
Date of Cutscene: 16 May 2015
Location: Reptilon
Synopsis: Kakarot had succeeded in evoking Reptilon's destruction... but is the fight really over yet?
Cast of Characters: 724
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

It hurt to even think that this was the last time they would be looking at Reptilon from the bridge of the Carrier.

But despite all their efforts, all their plans and contingencies, Kakarot had succeeded. He had won the war to destroy their home. But there was still a fight to save their people... The only condolence was that Allo was now very glad he had already sent his family off-planet as soon as this had started. Not just because they were already safe. But because they didn't need to see him like this.

Metal creaked as Allo clenched the guard rail hard enough for a moment that his talons dug into it, then scraped free as he turned away. The other Dinosaucers had gathered around him.. Save for Dimentro who after following the Izzets out through the warpgates had stayed in Ravinca for the time being. Other more technically minded dinos may follow him after Rhapsody's offer, amongst several others from both factions, to provide assistance in finding new homes.

"Status?", he finally asked.

"The Dinocarrier is almost to capacity for both personal and supplies," Teryx replied. "Since it's capable of functioning in open space without issue we will establish a position as a waypoint for refugees to get organized as rehabitation options become available."

"Good." Allo considered it a long moment, then tapped a claw to his helment comm. "Dimentro, you there?"

"Aye lad," the engineer replied. "Ye really should come down here some time Allo, it's quite marvelous... err, I mean.. not to make light of... y'know." "It's okay old friend. Make yourself comfortable. And useful, like you always do." Allo turned his head just enough to glance sidelong at the viewport. "Did you ever get a chance to repair my ship?" "Oh of course... Well, she be in one piece. The jaw mechanism ain't entirely functional yet, but she's got full atmospheric and interplanetary operation." "That will do. If you see her give Rhapsody my regards." Allo shut the link off and lowered his hand. "Once the Dinocarrier is full, get out of here. Our people are going to need those supplies to re-establish themselves. But I trust they will be in all your very capable claws."

Allo started to walk out of the chamber, but was stopped by one of Brontothunder's massive hands grabbing his shoulder. "Dammit Allo, I know yer upset about how this turned out, but this ain't time fer a going down with the ship mentality, homeworld or not!"

There was a pause, and he shook his head a bit as he reluctantly pulled his shoulder free. "I'm not going down with the ship. But there is still the very real chance that Kakarot will, when he realizes we have delayed the planetary cataclysm to evacuate, come back to try and finish what he has started. I am not going to give him the chance... and I have this feeling in my gut that Genghis Rex is going to do the same. Saving our people has always been my top concern, and this is no different. As long as my ship is working I can leave before the final breakup."

It got the point across, as no one else tried to stop him other than concerned looks as Allo walked through the group. "Kakarot can have the burned remains of a rock, but I will -not- allow him the satisfaction of driving us all to extinction. You're in charge, Brontothunder."

It was always an exaggerated gesture due to his long neck when the sauropod shook his head even a little bit. "Of course, Allo. We'll depart as soon as everything is loaded up... Be careful down there."

After Allo stepped into the lift and headed down to the hangers, Stego flopped back in his chair. "Eh, he'll be back in the end once its over. Let's get this party under way."

Tricero turned to give a sour glare in the younger dino's direction to go with his gravelly tone. "Allo is going down there to put his life on the line one last time for the rest of us. How can you be so flippantly disrespectful about it?"

"Who said anything about disrespectful? But we've got work to do, so I'm stoking a little fire before you all turn into a pile of mourning tarballs beforehand!" Besides." Stego turned the chair back to a terminal. Mostly so the others couldn't see his face, as despite his effort to lighten the mood even he wasn't entirely sure.

"If he wasn't planning on coming back in the end, he would of made some speech about it being an honor and pleasure working with this kooky lot of dinos."