The End ...? (Genghis Rex)

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The End ...? (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 16 May 2015
Location: Reptilon - Tarpits 3
Synopsis: Rex coordinates the evacuation of his planet.
Thanks to: Serori Allo
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

"We've got a tremor incoming! Brace for impact!" Ankylo snorted just before Tarpits 3 lurched from Reptilon's faults crashing together.

Rex braced himself as the whole room shuddered, a shockwave of searing pain blasted up from his chest reminding him of his of his failure when the planet itself wasn't quaking in fury at him. Plesio had worked his magic and managed to get Tarpits 3's command center operational, but the external damage required time that did not have to get the ship fully operational once again.

Screens popped up in front of Rex to review the evacuation efforts. He slid the holographic displays around as dozens of reports popped up, were read, then dismissed.

"Dinobot Island, can I get a status report?" Rex inquired, a screen of Grimlock's shielded face popping up in front of him.

"Me Grimlock think you stupid! You call Dinobots a month ago and this never happen!" THe DInobot Commander barked.

Rex's face drew into an exhausted frown, "Thank you for your assessment, Commander, but I was moreso referring to the status of Transport One."

"They arrive 18 minutes ago. Dinobots showing them to caves for time being."

Rex nodded, "My sister is on that transport, you'll know her when you see her, she's the gold feather Deinonychus with the permanent scowl on her face, you may want to isolate her and her creepy little mate, as if left to their own devices, they'll be running the island in a month's time. Please, be gentle, she's awful, but she's my sister and she's pregnant."

Grimlock shrugged, "Me, Grimlock, not make any promises."

Grimlock's face faded, only to be replaced by the similar visor of the Constructicon foreman Scrapper.

"We have the radiation shield activated above Bunker 1, we are beginning extraction now. This would go a LOT quicker if a certain birdbrain would handle some of the heavy lifting for us ..." Scrapper rasped.

Suddenly Sky Lynx's face flashed next to Scrapper's in a second window, "How DARE you call me a "birdbrain", you lime colored hunk of scrap! I should show you the business end of my ..."

"SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!" Rex snarled, "We can't do this right now! If you're here to help, then help. If not, please leave the planet ..."

Both Lynx and Scrapper nodded, returning to their work, their screens fading from view. Another screen of a bearded human waited patiently off to Rex's left, until the Tyranno turned his head, "Captain ..."

"We're within transporter range and hidden behind your moon. We're taking your advice and trying NOT to draw attention to ourselves for fear that Kakarot might toss the Titan at you. This will be slow going and your people are so large that we won't be able to carry many. I wish we could do more."

Rex nodded, "It's fine Captain ... I couldn't ask for more. Thank you."

As the captain's face faded, Terrible Dactyl stepped up behind Rex, "You're handeling this REMARKABLY well ..."

Rex reflexively placed a claw to the burn on his chest, "I do not have time for an existential crisis at the moment, Dactyl. But please keep a rubber room and a straight jacket on hand if we actually survive this."

Dactyl cocked his head grinning at Rex, "Hrm, Genghis Rex ... Savior of Reptilon ... it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

Rex met Dactyl's gaze smirking, "Don't ever say that again ..."