The Establishment (Mako Mankanshoku)

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The Establishment (Mako Mankanshoku)
Date of Cutscene: 10 April 2014
Location: Honnouji Academy
Synopsis: The founding of the Honnouji Academy Fight Club
Cast of Characters: 140, 191


"Very well! Let's begin the paperwork."

The massive courtyard of Honnouji Academy is marked by three things: Ryuko Matoi behind a small table, Mako Mankanshoku standing beside her with a 'FIGHT CLUB' battle standard, and the towering mountain of massivity known collectively as Ira Gamagoori.

"You switch gears real fast, don't ya?" Ryuko states defiantly, her arms folded.

"Lady Satsuki has spoken, I must abide by her decision." Ira mutters as One Star students file in around him, carrying various briefcases, "Matoi! I assume you'll be president of the Fight Club, then?"

"Yeah," Ryuko leans forward in her seat, "And I don't need no damn Goku uniform. I already got my Kamui."

"Understood," Gamagoori straightens, holding out one hand. One by one, each of the One Stars starts placing stacks of papers in his hand, which he starts dropping onto the table. "Club presidents are to submit a club activity log every Friday." More papers, Ryuko's pupils shrink, "At the end of each month, expenses are settled and expense applications for the following month are filed." Even more stacks of forms join them, "You must also file a request form for a club room, submit a club member organization chart, and a family member list." Reciting all of this, Gamagoori folds his hands behind his back, "You are also required to attend all Club President council meetings, which are held every morning at 7 AM. Tardiness will not be tolerated!"

In the silence following Ira's speech, the heap of papers in front of Ryuko settles, forms sliding to either side before the overwhelmed student. Her eyebrow twitches.

"Um," Recovering, Ryuko quickly jerks her thumb over her shoulder, "My friend here, Mankanshoku, says she'll be Club President."

There's a pause. A breeze blows a swirl of dust across the courtyard.

Suddenly realizing what was just said, Mako shrieks in surprise, "--EEEEEH?!"

--- ---


"That was so mean!" Mako complains, walking beside Ryuko between classes. This corridor of Honnouji is fairly empty of other students, giving Mako all the space she needs to whine, "How could you make me president like that, Ryuko!?"

"Everything's set up," Ryuko assures her friend, "The focus of the Fight Club is fighting. When we beat the other club presidents, the club's achievements will be recognized and your reputation will skyrocket!"

Mako's forward stare and uneasy expression turns towards Ryuko, "Ehh... But I can't!" Thrashing, she whines, "Can't, can't, can't, can't! I can't be a club president--!"

Without warning, a brown package sails through the nearby window, striking Mako square in the face mid-complaint. The girl falls backward in a spray of blood from her nose, with the unmarked box coming to rest on her belly. Sitting up, she immediately removes the cover, lifting a small device in one hand and instructions in the other.