The Fate of a Psycho (Allan Bodily)

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The Fate of a Psycho (Allan Bodily)
Date of Cutscene: 22 May 2017
Location: Steelcliff
Synopsis: The Red Union lose a valuable member, and the Multiverse gains itself a new hero. God help us all.
Cast of Characters: 123

Three months ago...

A rare, bright day hung over the fortress-city of Steelcliff. After the Multiverse... went weird, the city had been working frantically, production ramping up as teams were sent out to scout the surroundings to see where they ened up while others scoured the city to make emergency repairs. Allan wasn't sure if things would ever calm down again, but that was a problem for later.

Today, at the massive front gates that earned the city it's name, Allan stood with several Red Union troops. Right in front of the closed gate stood what could be seen as a very small mech, the man sitting in it's open cockpit practically pressing his face against it. "Come on! Come on! Open up already! I've got to Goooo!"

Allan sighed, raising a hand to rub at his temple. "Alright people. I'll make this quick, partially because I'm not the kind of #$^&er for long, pretty speeches, and mostly because if we don't hurry, Neal'll break the #$&^ing gate." A few of the gathered soldiers chucked.

"So!" Allan continued. "In case some of you people didn't hear about it. Neal wants out of the Red Union, the multiverse has changed, there's new threats everywhere and he really." There was a lound clanging sound as Neal's Mech started to bang on the gate. "...REALLY needs to go do that wandering adventurer thing, so I'm letting him leave. Peacefully. He'll no longer be offically with us but is still on good terms, no killing him. Got it?"

There was a chorus of various affirmatives in response.

"Great, so, with the." The clanging was getting louder now. "Ok, ya know what? We hit some delays in getting this done and he's getting antsy, #&^@ being all official, open the gate so he can go already!" There was a loud groan as the massive Gates to Steelcliff opened, and like a giant, poorly cobbled together bullet. Neal "Psycho" Cables bolted off towards parts unknown, the echoing shots of a 21 gun salute trailing behind him.


"In others news, Citizens of the island nation of Arulco-881 are in shock today, as what people described as a man driving a strange machine tore through the capital, killing Queen Deidranna Reitman and bringing a sudden end to her 10-years long reign..."

Allan stared at the television in disbelief as he stared at the footage of a small mech frantically fighting the local army and sighed. He owed a lot of people money now.