The Lost (Gaius Van Baelsar)

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The Lost (Gaius Van Baelsar)
Date of Cutscene: 29 August 2014
Location: Castrum Meridianum, Thanalan
Synopsis: Vi'Sharra sometime ago captured one of the 14th Legion's own who had been tempered. They been working on trying too undo what Ifrit has done, but with no success. So the Imperial Legatus has one more option left for his tempered trooper...
Cast of Characters: 522

Northern Thanalan - Castrum Meridianum...
Early Morning...

"The flames will consume all.."
"The flames will purge all.."
"You can not stop his coming un--OUF!"

A loud slam was heard as a young man, probably no older then his late twenties was impacted hard across the face by a swift back hand by a man wearing mostly black and some red. He look to be more in his thirties and most of his outfit was that of leather and cloth.

The man quickly grabs the other who is cuffed and sat in a chair, lifting him up by his shirt, as he snarls at him. "Do YOU even remember who you are?! Who you serve!?"

The one being held captive laughs softly before smiling, his eyes gleaming with a soft red light, including the oval in the center of his forehead, "It does not matter who I was-- but what matters is that soon all of you heretics will burn in his crimson flame! Lord Ifrit will smite you all down! Hahaha! Your steel walls can not-- AUGH!"

The man is then thrown down onto the ground and slides across the floor. The other man paces across the floor, running his hand through his hair. "No cure. No way to force the will to be control, hope.. nigh.. no hope.." He then punches a wall, which is about the time the door opens up.

A man with dark steel armor, crimson red leather cloth, and full metal helm seemingly void of eyes and horns armored horns that protrude along side the of the helm walks in. His steps barely make a sound across the metal floor and his sheer presence causes the man to snap to salute. "Lord Van Baelsar! I was--"

The armored man then looks to the other as his voice is calm and still, "You were not expecting me? This is understandable." His attention then looks to the man on the ground. "Has there been any progress?"

The other man comes to an at ease as he is spoken too, his own eyes looking over to the other, "No my lord. We have tried several different methods. From medication, to videos.. to.. family.." He looks down slightly before he ahems, "Some of the team back in Garlemald is looking over even the old records within the libraries of House Darnus for any Allagan records that may lead to some clues on how to battle it."

The dark armored man continues to stare down at their captive as the man starts to break into a laugh. His stance seeming calm and unaffected by the insanity before him. "I see." He then goes to turn away, before looking at the other, "He is your brother, aye?"

The man blinks his eyes and then looks away. Silence taking him for a moment before he speaks softly, "Yes My lord. He is my younger brother.."

"And you two were close?"

The man looks at Van Baelsar in that moment before he looks over to the man on the floor. "The war took us apart for a time, but we were.. starting to come closer, aye." The man then blinks again once he feels the other's hand on his shoulder. He closes his eyes at the gentle squeeze and lowers his head once more. "I have failed him, My lord."

"You have failed none. The Primals and the beast men will pay for their sinful acts and their black hearts. For now, I want you to leave this room and go take leave time."

"..a--" The man looks up at Van Baelsar, "-- pardon, My lord? I don't understand."

"You should be with the rest of your family. I'll will personally handle the matters from here. Now go."

The man frowns a bit, looks back at his brother, then to the armored figure trying to search in the void-lens, before looking away, giving a salute, "Yes, My Lord." He then moves to step out past the armored figure, leaving only Van Baelsar and the tempered man in the heavily metal room.

Van Baelsar turns to look at the man on the floor before he walks over to him and with one hand goes to pick the man up with simple ease as the armor flickers for a moment with a blue color. He then sits the man back in the chair as the man rants on about flames, Ifrit, and burning all.

Van Baelsar then crosses his arms over his chest as he stares at the man, "You were once a child of Garlemald. A proud trooper of a father who once served as a Tribuni within the ranks of the Imperial Military system." Van Baelsar tilts his head, "Yet none of this means anything to you anymore-- nor the suffering of your own family."

The man stares right at Van Baelsar giving a wicked smile. "My family is those whom serve the Lord of the Flames! For it will be high righteousness fires and holy of holy suns that will cleanse all and bring about the might of the inferno! None will stand before the might Lord Ifrit!"

Van Baelsar shakes his head gently, before he then places his hand up to the side of his helm right under the horn. "I need a sedation and a tracker.. along with a five man team and a transport ready to head for Central Thanalan."

Van Baelsar looks at the man once more as he lowers his hand, "We shall see how mighty your false god is when it is his aetheric ashes that line the floor amongst those whom you now call brother." His words though remaining calm, hide a hidden internal seething of anger.

As the Imperial Legatus begins to walk out of the room once more, the man yells at him, "It will be you who will burn in his holy fire! It will be you who comes to see the light! For you! You would make a great man before him!"

Van Baelsar then looks over his shoulder for a moment as the door slides open, there are several men already there as he does so. "I do not serve false gods nor shall I ever. If you remembered whom you once were, you would already be aware of this." The the Legatus walks out of the room leaving to his men to not only sedate the other, but to ready for him for transport-- and make sure the tracking device can not be located.