The Memory of Night's Terror (Elliana Fairchild)

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The Memory of Night's Terror (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 21 July 2014
Location: Terra Majora
Synopsis: Elliana, awakening after the Union was in her nightmares, has a new piece of information.
Cast of Characters: 92
Tinyplot: New Blood

Elliana's eyes snap open.

Her head throbbing, the former priestess was used to the poor sleep when she had that nightmare. Yet this time... this time it was worth it. She had not expected to have anything come from letting the Union poke about in her mind, but with Mordred there to monitor it seemed at the time to have been an easy favor. That was what she had told herself, anyway.

But now... now she remembered clearly something from the dream that had always escaped before, since she'd never been present. Perhaps someone had said something, perhaps it was just a red herring. It was the first lead she'd had in a long while, though... and Elliana was not one to overlook even the smallest of clues in a case such as this.

Something else nags her as she looks for a pen. A deep tugging feeling of loss... something she feels often after these dreams. It's a familiar ache, one she pushes away for now. She has no time for that. She has a clue.

The pen scrawls a single word across the page.