The Past Lies Ahead (Athela Valemore)

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The Past Lies Ahead (Athela Valemore)
Date of Cutscene: 16 July 2017
Location: Bayern
Synopsis: Is this divine guidance, or forewarning?
Thanks to: 994
Cast of Characters: Athela Valemore

...Hope may still dwell... where Darkness upon fell...

... History unspoken... only remains broken...

But the only thing to be seen was the dusty and crumbling ruins of a once great city. One nearly before her time and never seen, yet given important impression...

...The pieces of the past ... are what lead into the future...

And that is when Athela snapped awake. She jerked herself upright from the grassy clearing she had been sleeping in, but the only sound was her own heavy breaths and of her pokemon sleeping nearby. One hand brushed back through her red locks as she looked up at the sky, still dark and starry. That had not been just a dream, it was a message from the divine, she was certain of it. Keldeo wanted her to be somewhere, and soon.

The pieces of the past... There was only one place those ominous words could describe so well.

Spite lifted her head with a small yawn as she senses her master moving around, canting her head to one side with a questioning "Vaaa?"

"Sorry Sprite. Rest has been cut short tonight." By the time the Vaporeon was awake Athela had already repacked her gear and was strapping it onto her still sleeping Gogoat. "Call it a... divine impulse. Get the others up would you?"

"Vaporr." As Sprite got up her tail uncurled to find Goomy had snuggled into it to keep cool and moist during the night. She made a face at the slime left in its wake, but scooped the small slug-dragon up with the fluke and flopped him on her back. Waking up Mizzen was easy, the Timburr had dozed off leaning on his log. So shoving it out from underneath sent him crashing to the ground and wide awake. The goblin-mon bolted to his feet in a hissing flurry, but other than a few angry gesticulations calmed down when he realized Athela was packing up to move out.

"We're going to have to move quick. Sorry Lancer, but Brushguard is faster on land." Her Samurott gave an understanding nod and was retrieved into one of the few pokejewels she had, which was tucked safetly away into a pouch of her belt. It took a few spurrings to wake the Gogoat up, but once Mizzen joined her on his back and Sprite was ready to follow Athela gripped his horns and turned him in the direction to needed to go. Hopefully they would have enough time.

The sun was just starting to rise. Heavy hooves pounded the ground as Gogoat ran, speed unfaultered by the amount of weight he carried. While true a Gogoat not as fast as a Rapidash or Dodrio, he was favored for his stamina to travel for much longer even when carrying a great load. Not to mention more surefooted (hooved?) in the rough and unknown terrains the young knight often found herself needing to cross.

Athela narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. There was only one place she knew that could easily fit the impressions she got while asleep. She had never been there, but her uncle had told her stories of it's rise and fall many times. Now it was only ruins, lying in the shadows of a man whose dark methods may or may not have had more noble intentions.