The Plan Is In Motion (Dapper Avenger)

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The Plan Is In Motion (Dapper Avenger)
Date of Cutscene: 20 January 2018
Location: Hvergel
Synopsis: The Avenger puts his plan into motion. Part of The Guilty Shall Be Punished miniplot.
Cast of Characters: 1133


The call had been made. Bjorn Hardhaft and Vladimir Edda were being brought to Hvergel to be questioned and tried over the terrorist attack at the royal wedding, having been named by the perpetrator as the men who had hired him - and whether or not it was true, they needed to be brought home.

The gray-haired auditor finished rereading the newspaper for the third time, before folding it away as the chief of police's secretary called him in. He was, after all, a man with evidence about the heist the two men had made, and that made him important. All he needed to do was press a few buttons, and he'd have the information he needed...

The man who left the building was no longer the auditor. That identity was no longer of use, and all that was left was the Avenger, who now had a rough idea of where the transport would be heading. Smiling, he moved, and soon, he would have his targets. Soon they would burn in the ashes of the wicked church, and soon, their sins would be punished.

He had no idea about the surprise waiting for him, as he left the smoldering transport with the men in hand, dragging them off through the alleys.