The Tale of Sunomata (Nobunaga)

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The Tale of Sunomata (Nobunaga)
Date of Cutscene: 04 April 2018
Location: Moon Cell
Synopsis: The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven reflects on history, as it repeats itself
Cast of Characters: Nobunaga

"As the story goes, Hideyoshi built Sunomata Castle in a single day."

In the moonlight, a swarm of figures work tirelessly, erecting the fourth level of a Japanese castle's central pagoda. Around it, walls are already forming due to diligent workers, and various support buildings have already been completed. The site is abuzz with activity, with movement every direction.

"He built Sunomata in the shadow of the invincible fortress Inabayama, in the midst of a siege."

A taller figure observes the construction from atop a ridge, arms folded, framed by a great billowing cape. Gold glimmers in the backlight of the moon, highlighting the silhouette. A distinct crimson glow marks the eyes, beneath the brim of a cap, and a golden sunburst sigil silhouetted by the artificial light of the moon. Shoulders shake slightly in a chuckle.

"And with the completion of Sunomata, the fate of the Saito was sealed."

The Demonic King's eyes close, shoulders bobbing with a deeper laugh. After a moment, that head throws back, howling laughter echoing across the plains of the Moon Cell.


A display of the Moon Cell's interior flickers. The tiles showing the locations of various capitals and territory held by the numerous Servants suffers a distortion. A moment later, one of the most central tiles flicks to static, then turns red. A sakura blossom emblem appears, its marker flickering through labels as SERAPH attempts to identify the intrusion.




-- --SA--

-- -- -- DEMON