The Tragedy of the Fly on the Wall (Neva)

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The Tragedy of the Fly on the Wall (Neva)
Date of Cutscene: 11 November 2016
Location: A Storage Closet
Synopsis: Neva reflects on the past while attempting to put a new deck together
Cast of Characters: 644
Tinyplot: 34 - Moeru

       In a hidden room somewhere in Ravnica, or at least as hidden as a supply closet can get when nobody is actively searching through it for outsiders, there is only a single light in the form of an unstable plasma that happened to be snagged away while nobody was looking. Beneath the flickering red and blue light is the young Neva Fernandez, who is using the light to help sort through a new Magic Deck she's been working on. If the array starts to look like it'll be trouble, she'll have Bob take care of it. Bob is reliable like that.
       She flits through the box of cards, eying the various other colors that it might not hurt to splash in. Green would be good... Can she use Green Mana yet?
       "I ask that you hand control of the Izzet League to me." "What is this?" "This is a coup." "GIRL HAVE YA GONE PLUM LOCO?!" "When we meet again, it will be an Ending for the one of us."
       Neva's rubs her eyes as the memories run through her head. She was sitting on the outside when the presentation was going on. She always sat on the outside of things, really, at school, at home, out Planeswalking. She never participated, she never interfered. It was safer that way, especially with the politics in Ravnica going haywire. Not even when Yunomi got into this trouble...
       "If an outsider can rise so quickly within the Izzet... who is to say they can't rise elsewhere, and rob from ourselfs our autonomy?" "The point has been raised in regards to those who are from beyond Ravnica, I would reccomend limiting their activity within the guilds themselves until we can be sure there are no more... bad eggs." "I am Ijiwaru. I will hunt with the dragons for her, and bring her to Ravnican justice for these crimes." "Let /us/ hunt her!" 
       That Ijiwaru guy showed up at the Guild Meeting out of nowhere, conveniently just after Yunomi went rogue. Neva figured that the guy couldn't have been up to any good. She could have voiced her opinion in all of that madness, but she didn't want to interfere, so she stayed outside and listened in from beyond the doors. Neva trembles and takes a breath, "There wasn't anything I could do... That meeting was out of my hands... They could've taken care of it... Yunomi was going to be fine..." Droplets of tears began to fall onto the card she was gazing at, at the Legendary Creature - Dragon Wizard.
       "Shall we? I realize, you must be anxious to see her again."
       Neva trembles as she stammers, mumbling to herself in order to justify here inaction, "They didn't need my help..."
       "Where.. Is.. She?"
       "I didn't need to interfere..."
       "This was how you planned to /get her/."
       She squeezes her eyes shut, "There's nothing I could have done..."
       "I couldn't have helped... I couldn't..." Mana sparking outside her eyes...
       "... until my last breath, I shall pro.. tect..."
       "NNNNHGGGRRRAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" Unable to contain her grief anymore, Neva lets out a mournful scream, magic energies exploding and sparking around her, the room lit up as wayward magic strikes haphazardly around the room! Fire catching everywhere.
       After several moments, she slumps over and breathes heavily, before slamming her fist into the table she'd been sitting at. "Never again..." She stands up, "NEVER again." She hurriedly throws her cards into the box and throws it into her bag, before hurriedly Planesalking out to another world, as she worked to make things right...

       After a few quiet moments, the plasma array in the room POPS.