The True Iron Chef (Toph Beifong)

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The True Iron Chef (Toph Beifong)
Date of Cutscene: 29 May 2014
Location: New York-199999
Synopsis: Determined to give her supervising officer a great start to his birthday, Toph does something she has never done before.
Cast of Characters: 20

"Miss Beifong, the bacon--"

"I got it, I got it!"

Despite her blindness, it's easy to know just what Jarvis means judging by the sound of sizzling meat, as well as the smell. Crap, please don't be burnt please don't be burnt...! Toph reaches over to pull the frying pan away from the burner, carefully picking up a piece with a fork to sniff at it. It doesn't smell burnt at least. "Does it look okay?" she asks to the dark kitchen in general as she holds up the piece of bacon just so she's sure that the virtual butler can get a look at it. "It appears to be satisfactory, miss Beifong." Good. And the toast will be easier to make. Pleased with her current progress, Toph scoops the bacon over onto a plate and sets it on the messy counter along with the other items that has been utilized so far in her daring plan.

The earthbender quickly steps over towards the fridge, pulling open the door before she reaches out to the shelves where she knows the orange juice is, setting it aside before she continues exploring the lower parts of the fridge. Perhaps some tomatoes would be okay with this? But the vegetable box is a bit weird. Are these tomatoes? They are the right size, and... yup, they smell like tomatoes too.

"Might I suggest that you thin out the coffee? You did not follow my instructions correctly wh--"

Jarvis is interrupted as Toph sets the carton and the vegetables down on the counter, sighing. "You try measuring up correctly when you can't see! Isn't that stuff bitter anyway? How can it honestly taste any different no matter how strong you make it?" She's got a point there, and she knows it. "The bitterness is typical for the robusta which has a--" A groan leaves Toph as she works on getting the tray ready. "I wasn't really asking!" Nonetheless she earns a calm response as Jarvis does his best to assist her in her current task. "Perhaps it would be wise to prepare the toast now so you can focus on the eggs, Miss Beifong." Since that actually makes sense, Toph gets some slices of bread and pops them into the toaster before she gets the eggs from their carton. How hard could this really be to make something edible out of this?

It smells edible at least when she pulls the frying pan aside. And a sneak taste... well, it isn't too bad. If only a little chunky. "Does it look okay?" she asks and wipes her hand on her shirt. "It doesn't look burnt, miss Beifong." The tone of voice does make the blind girl snort just slightly. "That bad, huh?" Still, it should suffice as she doubts she can do it any better without more practice. So she begins preparing the plates on the tray, setting the pitcher of juice down along with the glasses and cups of coffee.

"What's the time, Jarvis?" she asks, setting the final touches to the tray. Some flowers, at least they smell like flowers, from the outside of the house. As well as a thick card with bumpy holes in it.

"Seven past eight am. Mister Stark is still asleep."

Somehow Toph can't help but smirk, picking up the tray. "Well, I think he has slept enough."

"I hardly believe you are one to speak of getting enough sleep, miss Beifong," Jarvis points out, his tone making one question if the majordomo is alive or not.

"You only say that 'cause I can't threaten you with reprogramming, aren't you?"

"I wouldn't dream of it."

The blind earthbender seems far more intent on carrying the breakfast tray out of the kitchen and upstairs than trading more verbal jabs, a spring in her step. Not to mention a messy kitchen left in her wake.