The Voice Vagrant Visits (Tomoyo Daidouji)

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The Voice Vagrant Visits (Tomoyo Daidouji)
Date of Cutscene: 19 April 2015
Location: Tomoeda-865
Synopsis: Tomoyo receives a visitor in the night, who makes off with something very precious.
Cast of Characters: Tomoyo Daidouji

It stands poised on a branch, the night sky above a deep blue, embedded with a waxing moon and glimmering stars. Though small, the myriad lights of the latter fill it, allowing it to sustain its form and power. It stares longingly at the window across from it, waiting for the lights to go out. This human certainly stays up late, it thinks.

But eventually, they do. It gets closer, floating from branch to windowsill, and waits some more. Listening attentively, waiting for the sweet voice it came for to shift into the sounds of slumber. Thankfully, that does not take long at all. It is a warm spring night, so the window has been left ajar, and it slips inside.

It floats inside, it’s own glowing aura shedding light. Not that it needs it. All it needs to do is follow the gentle snores to what it came for. It alights next to the bed, and looks down at the human sleeping under the covers. She’s certainly changed a lot, but it never forgets a voice.

Reaching out, it gently places a hand on the human’s throat. It’s fingers glow slightly brighter, the light going into the human’s throat, moving up to slip past her lips. Once it’s clear, the snores become silent. The human in the bed still breaths, but without making a single noise.

The little ball of light floats over to it, and it takes it into itself, before slipping back out of the window and floating away into the night, humming softly in a melodious tune that is not its own.

Tomoyo awakens the next morning and stretches, grunting softly as she does. Or at least, she tries to. But not a single noise is made. She pauses, reaching up to touch her throat, swallowing to check if she’s come down with something. No pain that would indicate swollen tonsils, nothing. Frantically, she tries to hum, and not a single noise comes out.

Naturally, the following scream is much the same.