The pain of starting over (Fayt Ravus)

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The pain of starting over (Fayt Ravus)
Date of Cutscene: 15 December 2016
Location: Castle Ravus
Synopsis: Rebuilding after a major event involves many dangers, some more obvious than others.
Cast of Characters: 319

Fayt looked over his papers. Normally it was a constant battle for Fayt. Being a trader in the Multiverse meant a lot of licenses, contracts, logs and other assorted odds and ends that needed to be filled out and filed. keeping on top of it all was honestly a year round effort. The Multiverse.... Multiversing however, has led to 3 problems:

1) With everything more or less reset and things starting from scratch, all of that paperwork was not trickling in, but showing up for processing RIGHT NOW!

2) The further upheaval caused by the loss of his companies office and change of faction affiliation greatly increased the amount of said paperwork, due to change of company information, new laws, etc. and finally...

3) The loss of a main headquarters meant Until they had an office set up, Fayt was working from home, meaning all of that paperwork was sent there.%R%R%TFayt looked around the room he was using for paper storage. it wasn't the largest room he had, but still, this wasn't just some broom closet. Boxes and stacks of paper, datasheets, clay slabs, and other assorted implements of data storage and recording stretched from floor to ceiling. The walls hiding somewhere behind that. with a sigh, he pulled a sheet of paper out of a nearby pile, and turned to the door.

He made about 3 steps before he heard a rustling sound, and saw the shadow falling over him...