Thoughts and Pie (Alice Margatroid)

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Thoughts and Pie (Alice Margatroid)
Date of Cutscene: 05 November 2015
Location: The Realm of Gensokyo
Synopsis: Alice reflects on the next target and feels unsure about it. Yumeko tries to cheer her up with pie.
Cast of Characters: 807
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

Alice sits alone once more in Wonderland, eyes closed as the Card Demons walk in predetermined lines. The space looking sky dotted by tiny lights in it. A soft wind blows through some of the fields around the mysterious place. It is definately a part of Makai but at the same juncture... isn't.

"Afterus. And Arthur's been kind too, if a bit loud." Alice mutters in the breeze, the marching sounds coming then going. "And they are going to come and see Mom. And there will be danmaku. Will she be able told it in and not raze the place?"

Alice leans back and stares at the star filled sky, "Marisa is unhappy. Konoe isn't happy either. Sanae is confused I bet and yet... they may be even less happy to know about the Dolls."

"Lady Alice, Lady Shinki has made dinner. She did not burn the kitchen down this time." comes a voice from a closing in distance. "Lady Alice? Are you worried about what happened there?"

Alice gives a sigh, her eyes closing. "Yumeko. Will you be by Mom's side after this? I think my visits to Makai might get even shorter."

"Of course, Lady Alice. But why is this troubling you so much? What have those humans done for you?" comes Yumeko's reply, Alice's head shifts a bit, those eyes looking at Yumeko's.

"A lot, for the few I have befriended. But I do not wish to get invovled with that subject. You said Mom made dinner? What did she make?"

"Your favorite. And I have apple pie ready for dessert. Come Lady Alice, you will need the energy. And your clothes will get dirty in this field."

A smile comes to the corner of Alice's lips, eyes close and a nod is given, "Of course..."