Time to Go (Jenna)

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Time to Go (Jenna)
Date of Cutscene: 07 July 2018
Location: The Void
Synopsis: A ghost of the old war, packs up shop and heads on her way out of the sector.
Cast of Characters: 14

The Union had been gone for over a year, Jenna had spent almost all of that time restoring her ship and then locating just where Stonecrest itself had fallen too. She'd looted an old Union Storehouse of supplies. She sighed and she looked at the course she had to set. She'd not be in this sector again anytime soon.

She didn't care, she would leave Taro behind here, to his little cult. It was for the best, Stonecrest and Foxfire awaited. There was also a rumour about a powerful item from Fox's homeworld. That would have to be looked into. The former human took a deep breath and thought about things she paused for a moment to send a single message to someone. The one person who might notice she was gone outside of Taro. 
The redheaded android looked to the rest of the bridge crew. 
"Time to get going home isn't it? Helm set a course for Stonecrest and I can't expect to how Fox will react to rumour about the rail gun." 
She also couldn't help but laugh it seemed the Orion Sector was nearby where Stonecrest was. She really was heading home in every sense of the word. 
With that, the Firestorm's engined powered up and went through the first of many warp gates, and Jenna never looked back, her time was done.