To Try Again (Raditz)

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To Try Again (Raditz)
Date of Cutscene: 12 December 2016
Cast of Characters: 486


Raditz arches an eyebrow in confusion, but his hair goes dark, as he steps away from his family for a moment, approaching the young man, noting that he seemed to have gained some years since the Cell Games. "Seems like you've been busy, with whatever timeline business you've been dealing with... I don't really wanna know." Raditz does fold his arms accross his chest, "I /do/ wanna know what you're doing here, and why you felt it was neccessary to hide my family here."

Trunks reaches up and scratches the back of his head sheepishly, "Yeah, sorry about that, but I swear it was for good reason." He folds his arms across his chest and explains, "After the Reality Quakes hit, the patrol was sent out to provide assistance to every world we could reach, and protect them from anyone who thought they could take advantage of it. This Earth was attacked by a version of Imperfect Cell, trying to find the Androids and absorb anyone on the way. I happened be the one to make my way here, and I was able to finish him before he could... Kill anymore people..." He lowers his gaze a bit, acknowledging the price that was paid for it. "That's when I ran into Merra. She sensed my presence, so once Cell was destroyed she got in touch with me to ask about you. We came here because I figured this would be one of the first places anyone off world who knew Goku would look. And after everything that happened, and after some messages I've recieved, I was hoping you'd think to look here too."

Raditz nods slowly as he listens, before saying, "Alright, fine enough. I can't say I'm not relieved that someone friendly protected my family when the Multiverse decided to have another conniption." He glances to Merra and shoots her a smile, before asking, "But what's this about the Multiverse still needing me? The Union is gone, and from what I've heard through the grapevine, so is the Confederacy. The war is over."

Trunks goes now takes a step forward, "But Raditz, the Multiverse is STILL in trouble! You can't ignore the fact that everything is in Chaos! Refugees need healing and protection! Warlords are all over the place trying to fill the power vacuum from the Super Factions collapsing! The people could use someone like you to help! You've got experience! You've got strength! And maybe, sure, maybe you don't quite get along with authority that much, but who cares?! You've got everything it takes to be a hero that the Multiverse really needs right now, because you made everything you did for the Union -matter-. Not to the commanders, but to the people you helped!"

Raditz listens for a moment more, before squinting and raising a hand, "Look... I get it, someone sent you with a Sales Pitch to bring me on board... But I'm done, Trunks. I appreciate the sentiment, that you believe in me, but count me out..."

The younger, half-saiyan blinks a more, but sigh and reaches into his pocket to pull out a data pad and holds it out and hands it to Merra, "Alright... I guess I can't blame you, but at least keep this... It's got all the information you'll need, in case you change your mind." Trunks smiles, "For what it's worth, you're the only iteration of Raditz I've met that's ever deserved the offer." He takes a step back, "Take care of yourselves..."

With that, Trunks takes off into flight, and heads off to his ship, leaving Raditz, standing there looking up, before grumbling, and turning to face her, taking a bit of time pick his daughter out of Merra's arms and tosses Gine into the air, "Come on, Merra, let's go home."

After a moment of silence, Merra replies, "You should take the offer, Raditz."

The Saiyan blinks a bit, as he puts Gine on his shoulders and squints, "What? No, I said I'm done. Plus whoever's in charge will probably kick me out in a few days if it's another military function like the Union was..."

Merra shakes her head, as she was looking at the pad and holds it out, "I don't think it is... And Trunks is right. You're a good man, and you can still do good in the Multiverse. This is your chance to try again, and show them who Raditz is... I think you can do it with these people too."

Then she smirks, "Plus, I know you well enough that you can't stand sitting around doing nothing. Where else are you going to get a good fight?"

Raditz blinks for a few long moments at his wife, before sighing, "Now I remember why I married you." Merra giggles and steps up to hug him, "Yep. Because I'm right about these things." Gine in the mean time giggles and tugs at Raditz's hair.

Raditz sighs and takes the pad and reads from the top. "The Watch, huh..? Well... I guess it's worth a shot..."