Tolerance (Abyssal Operation Hydra)

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Tolerance (Abyssal Operation Hydra)
Date of Cutscene: 25 June 2017
Location: Dark Sky Atoll
Synopsis: The forces behind Operation Hydra have a meeting to discuss the operation's status
Cast of Characters: Midway
Tinyplot: Abyssal Operation Hydra

Mood BGM:


In the shadow-rich depths of Dark Sky Atoll, a willowy red-eyed figure rears back, then thrusts down, slamming a worn hammer against a blackened metal plate. The impact throws off sparks, briefly highlighting her silhouette to the person who only sees her back. That person is a smaller figure, her eyes glowing pink.

"Well!" That pink-eyed figure closes her eyes, teeth flashing a smile that is impossibly white, in serrated rows, "Our force got defeated at the Asherah installation. We were able to damage it pretty heavily, though. Was a real good fight."

Red's hammer strikes one final time, and then stops.

"And," The pink-eyed figure straightens her posture, "Our fortress at Pearl might've been infiltrated. Though damage was pretty minimal on our end. Was probably recon. They got away."

Scarlet light forms around the red-eyed figure, briefly illuminating her silhouette. When her weapons have manifested, the workshop erupts into a cacophony of gunfire and the blasts of artillery shells. After a frantic few seconds, backlit by flames, the red-eyed woman turns to glower with one narrow red eye.

"Anything else?"

The pink-eyed figure's eyes open, her grin fading, "Well, we did lose that Wo-class carrier you sent over. It's not a big loss, she wasn't even a Kai remodel, but we'll probably need a new one."

That crimson eye narrows to a thin, dangerous slit.

"I did not send a Wo-class aircraft carrier."

Pink straightens her posture, blinking twice.

"I did not send anything," Red turns fully. Scarlet mist, glowing in the dim light, seeps from the parasitic rigging affixed to her back and hips. With slow, purposeful steps, she approaches her pink-eyed companion, "You will rectify this incompetence." Looming over the smaller Abyssal, her eyes burn with restrained fury, "Or I will take great pleasure in personally melting you down and feeding the worthless tin you call a body to the destroyers."