Too Young (Lexicon)

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Too Young (Lexicon)
Date of Cutscene: 10 January 2018
Location: Britannica, The System
Synopsis: Lexicon's little sisters hatch a plan about the System Tower crisis
Cast of Characters: Lexicon

"I may not be as tough as you," Theurgus' voice sounds from Lexicon's computer, "But I am still a DCC. I'm the best choice for this task."

"Ah, I see what you mean," Lexicon admits, closing her eyes, "You're also a squishy magician. Try not to block too much damage with your face." Eyes opening, she nods, "That really only works for me."

Across the darkened recesses of Lexicon's room inside the Silver Cathoderal, two pairs of eyes glance towards one another, then retreat from the crack between door and doorframe. The pink-clad twin stalks off down the hall, while the blue starts, then scurries after.

"Index...!" blue calls out in a forced whisper, "Where are you going?"

"We can't let Theurgus fight that nasty lady alone. She could die and that would totally suck...!" Index responds. There's a fearful waver in her voice, barely hidden by the false bravado she's forcing into her voice, "If we're not strong enough, then it's time to get stronger!" At the Cathoderal's door, she turns, "I'm going to fight monsters and get as strong as I can, and help!" She pauses, then drops her hands to her sides, "I'd...really like you to come with me, Codex, but I won't make you."

Codex hesitates, drawing her hands up under her chin, "But Lexicon said it was too dangerous..." She turns, looking back down the hallway. Through the crack in the door, she can still make out the angry red of damaged code along her elder sister's back. "...Nnn... But it was also dangerous for Lexicon..." Turning back towards her twin, the blue-clad girl nods once, "Mm."


An hour later, in the late evening of Britannica, the Guildmaster dozes at his desk in the Adventuring Guild. A pair of hands, clad in blue mittens, reach up and pull a single Wanted Virus posting from the board.

A moment later, two pairs of hands, clad in blue and pink mittens, pull every other Wanted posting off the board.