Transformation (Genghis Rex)

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Transformation (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 27 February 2015
Location: Reptilon - Tyranno Citadel
Synopsis: Genghis Rex, fresh off of being injured and humiliated by his sister, undergoes a minor transformation.
Thanks to: Serori
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Rex's mind was a frenzy of activity and he strode heavily for the Council chamber, his dutiful second in command, Ankylo, keeping pace with him. Confusion, rage, pain and despair swirled around in his head as if somebody had smacked a wasps' nest and they were tearing hatefully through his psyche.

Suddenly he found himself pinned against the wall for the second time in the same evening. This time by Ankylo, his face sick with worry.

"Bossasaur, you have to stop. You're bleeding everywhere. You can't go before the elders like this."

Rex understood the words, but they did not register. He glanced down, blood was trickling from the slice down the center of his abdomen so freely that there was a thick smear trailing behind him where his tail had dragged through it. His stubborn resolve had come unraveled and the facts in front of him were more like something he was watching on television, rather than actually happening to him.

Ankylo led him into a nearby locker room area used by a high ranking division of the Tyranno army. The fluorescent lights hummed when Ankylo flicked their switch and sat Rex down on a nearby wooden bench. The rotund saurian suddenly ran off, but quickly returned with an armful of towels after wetting a few at a nearby faucet.

He pressed a wet towel against Rex's abdomen, "She got you good, Rex. You should have her arrested for that *snort* a month or two in the dungeon might change her attitude."

"The Council ..." Rex murmured, his thoughts coming to him in fragments.

"They can wait. *Snort* Dad can wait." Ankylo said, pressing a dry towel against Rex's abdomen, "You can't go in front of them looking like this anyway *snort* *snort*"

Ankylo pressed Rex's claw against a fresh towel and began opening locker doors. The loud banging of metal against metal started to clear Rex's head, he began following his lieutenant's movements rather than staring off into oblivion.

Ankylo returned with a maroon leather jacket, black jeans and a grey pullover, "Some soldier just lost his civvies, but it looks like they will fit you."

Rex didn't respond.

Ankylo frowned and placed a stubby claw on Rex's shoulder "Bossasaur, you in there?"

Rex finally croaked, "Yes."

"If you can't meet with the council tonight, I'm sure they'd understand ... "

"No" Rex waved a claw, his awareness returning "There is too much to discuss. We cannot delay."

"Rex, you look like you've seen a ghost."

This seemed fitting to Genghis Rex, seeing as he felt like someone had just trampled all over his grave.

The Tyranno king pulled off the tattered remains of his old jacket and shirt and began wiping off stray streaks of blood. Blood didn't show well against his crimson scales, but he'd know it was there, even if nobody else noticed it. He considered a hot shower to help calm his nerves a bit, but decided they were already late as it was and Rex didn't like being tardy to anything.

He stood and pulled off his tattered pants and wiped down his legs and tail, tossing the bloody towels and garments into a nearby garbage can. Then he donned the pilfered clothing and looked himself over in a wall length mirror.

The clothes clearly belonged to a much younger generation than his own, but it fit nicely and even made him feel a bit younger and maybe even a little fashionable. He fingered the lapel of the jacket, where his Tyranno badge SHOULD be, but it lay back on the floor of his room and he had no intention of going back there while Dei might still be around.

Ankylo pulled off his own badge and handed it to Rex. The red king rolled it over in his palm a couple of times then pinned it to his lapel.

"Lookin' good Bossaaur!" Ankylo grinned.

Rex nodded, "All right, lets get this over with ..."

The newly revitalized Genghis Rex and his closest friend in that or any world walked out of the quiet locker room and toward an uncertain destiny.