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Former Staffer Firefox and one of the two people along with Rainbow Dash that helped make My Little Pony a workable successful theme on the MUSH.

Staff Tenure
Before start of mush (2005) to 2012

Current Characters

Grids gotten from User:Hrimfaxi

Character Name Themelist Create Date Drop Date
Alexis Pokemon-1 21 June 2005 Present
Tesla Armadia Original 18 August 2010 Present
Kari-Shaba The Arcaneggedon-1 26 Feb 2008 Present
Rarity MLP: FiM-1 28 Feb 2010 Present
Bramble Pratch MLP: FiM-1 28 Aug 2011 Present
Thionette Original 12 Apr 2012 Present
Cheyanne Binds of the Elements-1 07 Jan 2013 Present
Procyana Original 31 May 2011 Present
Hitsuki Pokemorph Mystery Dungeon-1 04 May 2013 Present

Former Characters

Records are accurate where possible, but some character drop dates are simply missing. Most recent characters are at the top of the list; therefore, characters who have had multiple tenures are sorted by when they were originally applied for.

Note that characters with multiple tenures have their dates listed starting with the most recent date at the bottom of the list.

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