Violence and Lunch (Mako Mankanshoku)

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Violence and Lunch (Mako Mankanshoku)
Date of Cutscene: 09 April 2014
Location: Honnouji Academy
Synopsis: Mako brings Ryuko up to speed about just what uniforms represent at Honnouji. An idea is forming...
Cast of Characters: 140, 191

Ryuko's bento rests on the ground, scattered amidst a handful of throwing knives. Also laying in the grass around two girls are the unconscious forms of Jack Naito, Kagero Kagesaburo, and Masuyo Watari, amidst the cloth remnants of their Two-Star uniforms.

"A knife-throwing club, a nanjing lily club, and a tightrope walking club?" Ryuko mutters as she sits back down beside Mako atop the huge rusted chains along Honnouji's upper No-Star terrace, "What's the deal with all these ultra-specific clubs?"

"Oh," Mako leans back a bit, glancing at the unconscious Presidents, "Those guys all used to be with the Acrobatics club. They split up because of you."

"Because of me?" Ryuko glances back at Mako, while nicking a Mystery Croquette out of the brunette's bento.

"Yup!" Mako continues, without noticing, "If someone beats you, they'll jump up to Three Star status. But since you can't get a Two-Star Goku Uniform unless you're a club president, they all started new clubs and are gunning for you." The girl leans in while Ryuko finishes eating.

"Say what?"

"More stars means a better life," Mako explains simply, turning away to look skyward, "They're all desperate."

"Man," Ryuko leans on her knees with a tired huff, "This academy's system is seriously messed up." After a moment, though, she snaps up, "Hey, hang on! If that's how it works..."